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Onnika Moore

Onnika Moore, Reporter

Onnika Moore is a sophomore at GHS and is in her second year in the journalism program. She serves as a reporter for Gretna Media. She is involved in journalism because she wants to represent the students and staff of Gretna and tell their stories. Her favorite pieces to write are Entertainment and Opinion. Outside of journalism, she likes to draw, listen to music, and work out.

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The image above portrays the teams mains for the competition in Texas.

Gretna Goons, Grab the Gold

Onnika Moore, Design editor
April 24, 2023
Gretna East area is in gray; Gretna High is in green.

Finally Crossing the Line

Onnika Moore, Reporter
November 15, 2022
GAME ON. No matter the sport they all have to warm up for events. “I just eat a good meal and then stretch out extra before so I feel good and ready to go for a game,” junior football player Charlie Thomas said.

Lucky Charm

Onnika Moore, reporter
April 8, 2022
SWIMSUITS. Swimmers wear similar color and material suits but, they do not always wear the same suits. “We warm up in normal suits,” Julianna Anderson (23) said. They have multiple tech suits for different times of the meet.

Dive into State

Onnika Moore, Reporter
March 2, 2022
MANS BEST FRIEND. For a 5 month old dog, Duncan is laid-back and calm. He is also very curious. He has to check out everything Ms Eggers said. He was particularly interested in the legs of tables.

Duncan to Therapy

Onnika Moore, Reporter
February 24, 2022
FAMILIAL BOND. Everyone in Bryant’s family is very supportive and thankful for his career. His mother, Johnetta Bryant, wrote the lyrics just after watching the video of George Floyd’s death. Before the video, Johnetta Bryant told her son to say these words in his daily devotions.

Rising Star

February 7, 2022
Water we going to do? Even if a cure is possible, it would be difficult. “To have cured her, Laynie Aure (17) said. I would have needed a 5 gal. Quarantine tank, with a bubbler, that I could salt bath and antibiotics treat her.” This is just one of the expensive examples of a cure for our poor upside-down Goldee.


January 28, 2022
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