NOODLES. The school’s mac and cheese has long swirly noodles, Kraft has elbow noodles, and this recipe had shell noodles. Cheesy goodness was perfectly folded within the pocket of noodle. Even though they are a bizarre shape it was perfect for the dish.

Picky Choosy’s Food Truck Review

Prostart II's food truck competition has a winner

The Prostart II foods class had its first food truck competition. Only the remaining classmates were allowed to participate and cook for it since the seniors left. We had the pleasure of trying all four of these foods and in our opinion we agree that the macaroni and cheese was the best.
When we came in the only one ready was the smoothies; there was only one flavor, mango. It was definitely an acquired taste. Due to the sour nature from the ginger and greek yogurt it was tart. Even though I thought it was one of the weaker options I loved the aftertaste of the smoothie. Overall it was a pretty decent smoothie but definitely was outshined by the others.
The best out of all of them in our opinion is of course the Picky Choosy’s macaroni and cheese. The theme of the truck was a child’s restaurant menu and it did not disappoint. For those who order from the kids menu frequently, it is just as good as restaurants while having a homemade taste to it. Most macaroni and cheeses have elbow noodles but this one pleasantly surprised us with shells. Our only complaint is that the cheese flavor was not all that prevalent. All together it was the superior dish.
Then there was the Mexican themed food truck, called Made in Mexico, that served guacamole and chips. This dish was probably the second best out of the bunch. The avocados within the guac were cut up finely with also having sizable chunks for texture. Something that we enjoyed was the option of having cilantro in the guacamole. On the other hand, while the guac was divine the chips were extra salty; which sometimes overpowered the guacamole. With its tangy and salty flavor, it tasted almost as if Chipotle themselves would serve it.
Next was the sports bar themed fried pickles. We appreciated the cook cutting the pickles himself, but they were slightly thin. When it hit our mouths the only thing we tasted was the breadening on the outside. Other than those few criticisms it smelled heavenly and tasted quite good.
The victor of this competition was most definitely the macaroni and cheese. From the subtle and creamy flavor to the fun, shell shaped noodles, it reined over them all.

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