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The Student News Site of Gretna High School

Gretna Media

The Student News Site of Gretna High School

Gretna Media

The Student News Site of Gretna High School

Gretna Media

Fans (and this Reviewer) Love Swifts Mastermind
Fans (and this Reviewer) Love Swift's "Mastermind"
Maddie Almquist, Reporter • November 23, 2022

Taylor Swift is a “Mastermind” when it comes to writing and singing songs. Fans went crazy over the release of her latest album, “Midnights.”...

Chace Hutchison working with London Defini (24). Hutchison is one of the NFHS NSAA State Coaches of the Year.
Hutchison Earns Coaching Honor from NSAA
Drew Rhoades, Reporter • December 6, 2022

Without a top tier coach who knows mostly everything in their field, talented teams can find it hard to succeed.That’s what the NFHS NSAA State...

The One Act cast performs in front of an audience of family and friends last week. District competition is set for Nov. 29l.
State One Act Set for Dec. 9; GHS Cast Practices and Prepares
Mia Yungtum, Reporter • November 22, 2022

The season for One Act has been full of new experiences and hard work. Throughout October and November...


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Personal Opinion: E-Hall Passes Present Issues
Personal Opinion: E-Hall Passes Present Issues
Mia Yungtum, Reporter • December 7, 2022

A new school year at GHS has brought new rules and regulations to the building, such as the E-Hall pass. In my opinion, having the E-Hall pass doesn’t teach students independence...

Graphic by Onnika Moore
Student Mental Health Impacted by Social Media
Jasmyn Eden, Reporter • December 6, 2022

With almost every student in the GHS building active on some sort of social media platform, many problems have been found involving the mental illnesses aspect that those apps play on students. Studies...


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