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SNACKS. Popcorn has always been a movie staple. The reason they are served at theaters is because they are cheap and do not require a lot of equipment to prepare. Although sadly the popcorn shown was burnt.

Upcoming essentials

Onnika Moore, reporter
May 12, 2022
Lulu the dog.  Even though the dog may seem innocent, the one from the movie is not. Artistic creds go to Voice staff member Onnika Moore (25).

Ultimutt Movies

Alyssa Hudson, Reporter
May 4, 2022
In 2017 my family took a trip to Denver where we were able to view their three Super Bowl trophies. The Rams won their second Super Bowl on Feb. 13, 2022.

Super Bowl LVI Brings New Excitement

Delany Jepsen, Editor-In-Chief
February 24, 2022
FAMILIAL BOND. Everyone in Bryant’s family is very supportive and thankful for his career. His mother, Johnetta Bryant, wrote the lyrics just after watching the video of George Floyd’s death. Before the video, Johnetta Bryant told her son to say these words in his daily devotions.

Rising Star

Onnika Moore, Reporter
February 7, 2022
Save The City appears as the song being sung by real-life Broadway stars during the Rogers musical.

Christmas Chaos

Ava Fuller, Staff Reporter
December 21, 2021
Jake Detten recreates  Adeles iconic album cover from 30. This album is one that I listen to religiously, Jake Detten said. It has completely changed my life forever, and I cant live without it. Adeles masterpiece was released on November 19, 2021 and changed the lives of many.

Adele Through The Ages

Jake Detten, staff reporter
December 20, 2021
The classic spaghetti-western “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, has held a spot as one of the most supreme pieces of film history for years. The movie is solidified as the epitome of western movies and continues to be alluded to in modern cinema. This art showcases the main protagonist: Blondie otherwise known as The Good.

The Dusty, the Old, and the Lengthy

Aidan Muhle, Staff Reporter
March 21, 2021
The Chicago Bulls mascot since 1969.

Behind the Bulls

Ericka Kushiner, Staff Reporter
February 23, 2021
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