Let’s Go Gretna, Let’s Go!

GHS students go all out with their game day pride


Izzy Hutter

FUN IN THE SUN. This weeks theme was Tacky Tourist and Eric Chatham (23) took this theme as a challenge. Thankfully he succeeded in being the tackiest tourist ever.

As school is starting back up and students are falling back into the routine  of academic days, GHS Student Council (StuCo) is tasked with organizing and rallying the student body for football games through themes. 

Every first Friday of the month, the entire student council meets up to present and discuss several topics for around 35 minutes. Separately, each grade meets on different Fridays throughout the month. StuCo isn’t the only group working hard. Class Officers are currently rethinking what they are doing to make it more polished and efficient.

“When I was a class officer, Chuck Sams was really proactive about the community, fun ideas, and connecting with our student body,” senior StuCo President Kiera Morgan said. “We try to do a lot of fun things like donut days. We have more community outreach things this year.”

Class officers are representatives of a single class, whereas student council serves the complete student body. Officers also help monitor StuCo so that administration’s rules and standards are followed.

We are the student voice, we speak with the admin about issues they see and we see within the school,” said senior class officer Abby Turpen. “We also aim to encourage school spirit and support students in our school. We also get to plan the class reunions in the future, and we pick the class motto and flower. We used to plan pep rallies, but that got taken from us because of Covid.”

A staple of the fall sports season is the football games and their corresponding themes. Student council works to make the themes fresh and creative, while still being practical. This year they are working to incorporate the themes into the school day.

“When we were looking at these we looked a lot at Tik Tok, looked over past years and saw what people liked,” Morgan said. “We do not want a thousand color themes like white out or black out. This year we are having a Duck Dynasty theme, where people could dress in camo and wear fake beards. We are definitely trying to branch out and see what is fun.”

The themes can be found on multiple school-affiliated accounts on Instagram. It should be noted that Student Council’s original post had a few incorrect dates, though they were quickly fixed. The correct themes and dates for the rest of the football games are: Golden Days (Sept. 2), Class Colors (Sept. 9), Neon Out (Sept. 15), U.S.A. (Sept. 23), Costume (Oct. 6), Pink Out (Oct. 14) and Winter Wonderland (Oct. 21). 

GRETNA GREEN. At the Gatorade Scrimmage, the crowd is expressing their school spirit. Abby Turpen (far left) and Alyse Wiseman are wearing their Gretna gear. (Kierstin Gay)