Lucky Charm

Athletes Share Pre-Game Superstititions


Delaney Jepsen, Alyssa Hudson, Cadee McCoid, Onnika Moore

GAME ON. No matter the sport they all have to warm up for events. “I just eat a good meal and then stretch out extra before so I feel good and ready to go for a game,” junior football player Charlie Thomas said.

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Every athlete needs a final push or glimpse of hope before a great performance, and high school athletes are no different. For those who are superstitious or believe in other fate-related ideas “pre-gaming” before a big event such as a game or meet is essential. While some belief in miracles other athletes need the extra time as well to perform and polish their skills. Everyone’s routines are unique in their own respect. Preparing physically is a great way to strengthen not only the athlete’s body but also their minds.
For those who are superstitious, good luck charms or maybe a good luck clothing item or song is all they need to feel prepared for success. The list can go on and on but the idea of fate in sports is one that is all too common.
“Before every race, I have to listen to Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Before He Cheats’,” senior swimmer Grace Coufal said. “Although I have never been cheated on, it gets me fired up and ready to swim.”
Superstitions most commonly stem from family or cultural backgrounds such as broken mirrors being bad luck. Although this is a very common belief it originally came from the Greek myth Narcissus where a man is infatuated with his own reflection; therefore breaking a mirror is associated with bad hair days and misfortune in general. Even though most are taught from birth others can be simply started from situations. Like wearing the same earrings makes someone think they are playing better because they won a previous game while wearing those same earrings.
“I would say my pregame ‘ritual’/good luck charm is to have some chocolate milk. Just for some reason, just a sip of chocolate milk gets me going,” track team member Grant Jansen. “It started last year. I was at a gas station on the day of a meet and I got chocolate milk and I had a good day of competing that day. Since then for breakfast, I would drink some or take some with me to a meet as my luck. I’m not sure about anyone else’s but that is mine.”
People also often pray before games. For example, praying for good outcomes or maybe praying for the safety of the team. Praying also helps athletes get pumped up and encouraged for the event ahead. The earliest example of praying before an athletic event is in Homer’s Odyssey when Odysseus prays to Athena for good luck and virtue.
“I always pray and while I pray I have a 2 dollar bill Coach Feeken gave us at the start of the season for good luck in my hands,” sophomore basketball player Landon Pokorski said. “I also try and have Skittles and a energy drink”
Preparing physically is a great way to strengthen not only the athlete’s body but also their minds. Activities like stretching, working out certain muscle groups, and even some light jogging could be just the thing to keep them going.
“I prepare physically by warming up on the courts and to try and remember anything that I had trouble with so I don’t make the same mistakes again,” sophomore volleyball player Kylee Stewart-Dauner said. “I do this because it helps me get more focused on the game so I am not distracted in any way while I am playing.”
It is also important to get pumped up and excited for upcoming events so they can muster adrenaline. So training your mind is essential to any athlete’s career.
“I prepare mentally before games and practice by visualizing my individual goals and how I can achieve them,” senior soccer player Chaley French said. “I also focus on the aspects of the game I can control and listen to upbeat motivational songs with my teammates as we get hype for the game.”
Everyone has their own routines to help them succeed in their own respective sport. Either if they believe in fate or if they just prepare as usual all is needed to perform amazingly in a game.