Finally Crossing the Line

School Board Sets Boundaries for Gretna High, Gretna East


Gretna East area is in gray; Gretna High is in green.

When “school board meetings” are mentioned most find it boring, but when this meeting decides which school current sophomore and freshmen classes will attend it gets serious.
After entering and turning the first right, people would be faced with a small room with a half circle of desks and 29 black chairs for visitors. Both the school board, identified by nameplates, and the administration were arranged throughout the crescent moon shape. The meeting itself started at 7:01 and ended at 8:31 p.m.
One of the first topics addressed was the upcoming 2023-2024 High School Curriculum Handbook. Dr. Rex Anderson, GPS director of Curriculum, stated that the administration is finishing the handbook early, so the district can start hiring teachers and organizing students into different classes. Dr. Anderson has sorted out the handbook to be more accessible for students and parents as well.
These changes include a year-long calculus class to help students struggling with advanced classes, a new psychology dual-credit class, and ninth and 10th graders taking biology at the same time to create a smooth transition into chemistry.
Regarding computer science and other media classes, for the first time next year, there will be a dual-credit Python class. For the next two to three years, Metro Community College will be paying tuition for all dual-credit students if the teacher is approved by the state.
Finally, the elephant in the room, the dividing line between GHS and Gretna East High School was officially announced. Several guesses have been made about the boundary and dividing lines, but now all the roads and neighborhoods have been confirmed.
“This is the eighth time we have announced the boundaries,” Dr. Rich Beran said. “This one is obviously bigger since it’s another high school.”
After months of speculation, the attendance zones are separated by 370 and Highway 6. Everything south of that line will be Gretna High territory and everything north is Gretna East. Siblings of seniors that are currently in younger grades can choose where to go their first year, but they are the only students with options. Splitting into new schools is always a stressful and exciting process and this one is no different. What follows is the information provided by the district –
“The following attendance area boundaries apply West of Hwy 6/31:

Gretna East High School:

  • West of Hwy 6/31 and North of Cornhusker Rd to 222nd St
  • East of 222nd St from Cornhusker Rd to Centennial Rd
  • North of Centennial Rd from 222nd St to 225th St
  • East of 225th St from Centennial Rd to Cary Rd
  • North of Cary Rd from 225th St to the Elkhorn River bank
  • All residences West of the Elkhorn River to the Platte River

Gretna High School (green):

  • West of Hwy 6/31 and South of Cornhusker Rd to 222nd St
  • West of 222nd St from Cornhusker Rd to Centennial Rd
  • South of Centennial Rd from 222nd St to 225th St
  • West of 225th St from Centennial Rd to Cary Rd
  • South of Cary Rd from 225th St to the Elkhorn River bank”