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Which movies do you need to see?


Onnika Moore

SNACKS. Popcorn has always been a movie staple. The reason they are served at theaters is because they are cheap and do not require a lot of equipment to prepare. Although sadly the popcorn shown was burnt.

COMFY. Theaters try their best to help make the best experience for their customers. At ACX Cinema they do this by selling food to eat, showing their movies in a small comfortable space, and having reclining seats that are even heated. (Onnika Moore)
SNEAK PEAK. The posters on the hallways and outside the theaters are meant to show movies airing and upcoming ones. When the movies are done airing the posters will either be thrown out or taken by the employees for decoration. (Onnika Moore)

Now that we are more open after the pandemic, movies are all the rage. Whether online streaming or movie theaters everybody loves watching movies. The spring movie season is stacked with masterpiece after the masterpiece that are all fair competition for the upcoming Oscars.
A film is a form of art so for those who are looking for a bizarre, fun, and sad movie I wholeheartedly recommend “Everything Everywhere All At Once” (2022). The movie is a sci-fi flick that has gained a lot of attention due to its themes of love, generational trauma, and immigrant families. With popular artist Mitski singing the end credits song this started to gain traction. Before watching I would get at least 7 tik toks on my For You Page about how good this movie was. Without spoiling much, the movie is a whirlwind of emotions. There were times when I was choking laughing and then the next minute I was choking crying. It was truly an entirely unique experience. Although I adored it may not be for everyone because it is really bizarre. So if someone is not interested in odd or unorthodox media I hope they will not be buying this ticket. This movie is for those who are adventurous and enjoy trying out new things.
For a more serious and atmospheric movie, “The Batman” (2022) is a perfect choice. Despite it being a superhero movie it is deeply melancholy and dark. Even non-superhero fans like me can find something to love about this movie. Now people coming into this movie thinking that Robert Pattinson’s performance is going to be lackluster are incredibly wrong. Sorry Robert Pattinson fans, but he is not Edward anymore. He perfectly encapsulates the Batman persona and it was truly fun to watch. A few honorable mentions would be Paul Dano’s performance of the Riddler which was entirely chilling and Zoe Kravitz’s equally good performance of Catwoman. The only complaint I would have is that it felt a little slow, especially for a three-hour-long movie. This movie is for die-hard DC fans, those who enjoy aesthetically pleasing movies, and newcomers alike.
If people standing at the ticket booth do not want a serious or odd movie I recommend the animated movie “The Bad Guys” (2022). Do not let the fact that it is an animated movie make watchers stray from it. This movie has some brilliant comedy for a children’s movie and a really fast-paced plot that never honestly made me feel bored. Plot-wise it was simple and had really predictable plot twists but was still enjoyable to watch. It is important that it was not slow because spending my whole day at the theater watching plot-heavy movies really tired me out. This movie is for those who want something fun and simple to watch.
Be sure to check out one of the new movies. Either for weird, serious, or comedic movies everyone can find something to love at the cinema.