Gretna Public Schools Unveils New Logos, Mascots

Gretna Public Schools (GPS) sent out an email to parents showcasing new school logos (including one for the upcoming Gretna East High School) on Sept. 15. Every pre-existing logo and mascot was redesigned in some fashion, as well.
“I think the new school will be great,” Vice Principal Mr. Chad Jepsen said. “A lot of people have worked really hard to design and build a beautiful facility. Gretna High School is over capacity, so it will be nice to have the space and opportunities that a new building will provide.”
The mascot of Gretna Public Schools has gone through a journey over the years. Before the current one was released, there was no official dragon to represent the school. Any design out there could be considered a Gretna dragon, but now administration has opted for a simple dragon head facing forward. The “G” is the new logo for Gretna High School.
“The dragon itself looks cool but the ‘G’ looks too basic,” sophomore Ben Morgan said. “I am not a fan.”
As the district prepares to grow again, several decisions are to be made. For example, a Griffin was chosen as the mascot for the new building, with the official colors set to be black, gold and silver.

OLD SCHOOL. This logo on the side of the building will be out of date next year. (Onnika Moore)

“It looks better than the Gretna dragon, but the Griffin itself looks stiff,” sophomore Katie Alberon said. “I am going to the new school. I cannot wait because we will be the graduating class for two years.”
Another building has been in the works for a few years now. With Gretna’s rapidly increasing population, the school district has been forced to accommodate as hundreds of new students enroll every year. GHS houses about 1750 students each day, which is only 50 below the maximum capacity. Hallways, parking lots and lunch lines are backed up, leaving many people ready for the split.
As of now, the class of 2024 is the only grade level being forced to stay at GHS. Everyone else will be divided up depending on their home address, meaning Gretna East will not have a senior class for its first year.
“I think it is going to be cool to be the first graduating class, but it will be hard to not be a Dragon,” Morgan said. “I have been a dragon all my life and it’s a bummer.”
No matter which school people will be going to, it will be a change unlike anything in Gretna history. Those who are staying will experience clearer hallways, more available parking spots and a building with rich history. However, students who will be moving over East will have the opportunity to explore a brand new environment.