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Delany Jepsen

Delany Jepsen, Yearbook Editor in Chief

Delany Jepsen is a senior at GHS and the editor in chief of The Dragon yearbook after holding positions as a reporter, production manager, and clubs editor. She was also a member of the 2018-19 Voice Staff as a writer. She is involved in journalism because she enjoys sharing stories about the community. She also enjoys capturing moments and emotions through photography. Outside of journalism, she works at Kids Connection and is involved on the speech team. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, watching movies, and reading.

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Cheering On! During state volleyball seniors Kalee Higdon (left) and Jenna Marhsall (right) were cheering for the Dragons to get the win.

[Photo] Student Section

Alyssa Hudson, Reporter
March 24, 2022
Number one! The football team pose and smile for a picture to celebrate their win against the Westside Warriors after the game at Memorial stadium. It was
reported that Gretna fans beat the record for the most fans at a state championship game.

[Photo] State Title Revoked

Cadee McCoid, Reporter
February 25, 2022
In 2017 my family took a trip to Denver where we were able to view their three Super Bowl trophies. The Rams won their second Super Bowl on Feb. 13, 2022.

Super Bowl LVI Brings New Excitement

Delany Jepsen, Editor-In-Chief
February 24, 2022
While living in England, Mrs.Cari Whitehill and her family explore historical landmarks. “It was a fun experience,” Mrs. Whitehill said. “Just travel and know a little bit about what you will get yourself into.” They lived one hour north of London.

Goodbye Nebraska, Hello World

Delany Jepsen, Production Manager
March 2, 2021
Bobby Wilson
Before performing, Brooke Behrens (23), Avery Langholdt (21) and Gavin Egger (21) rehearse their OID entitled Bobby Wilson Can Eat His Own Face. Performing in person at Skutt has its own challenges with masks but I was so grateful for the opportunity to perform in front of an audience again, Langholdt said. Im glad that this was my first competition of my senior year. The OID placed third overall.

[Photo] Loud And Proud

Samantha Chase, Managing Editor
January 30, 2021
Freshman Basketball game vs. Elkhorn Avery Swanson (23) and Erin Hildebrand (24)

A Combined Effort

Delany Jepsen, Production Manager
January 31, 2021
The film stayed true to the comics, for the most part, which I appreciated. There is even an appearance from the infamous invisible jet.

The Power of Diana Prince

Delany Jepsen, Production Manager
January 12, 2021
During a community performance, dancers look to the crowd during a scene. I think costumes play an important role in a performance but they arent the whole thing, junior Belle Rangel said. You need to have a solid show before adding the costumes in. The dancers skirts were made by senior Katelin Kersten.

[Photo] Sewing the Show Together

Sophia Allen, Design Editor
December 15, 2020
Shocks and Shakespeare
Wearing his clear mask, Trey Leasure (21) can show his shocked facial expression. To fill an entire auditorium with sound, you have to over do your diction, Leasure said. He was a member of the One Act cast for four years

[Photo] Masked Up

Samantha Chase, Managing Editor
December 4, 2020
Before the meet began, Madyson Self (23), practiced her speech in front of the coaches. I most enjoy that in speech your effort and only your effort predicts your success, Self said. You dont have to worry about bringing down the team because it is only you who stands to lose or gain anything based on your performance. Her speech was about billionaires and how they should use their money to help others.

Using Their Voice

Delany Jepsen, Production Manager
December 1, 2020
Before painting their Pumpkin, Laynie Aure (22) and Grace Russell (22) discuss ideas. We painted the mime from Tangled, Russell (22) said. It seemed French. They named their pumpkin Petunia, after John Mulaneys dog.

Spooky Season

Delany Jepsen, Managing Editor
November 16, 2020
The Force Awakens 
Part of my Star Wars sticker collection. I have been a fan of Star Wars since my parents showed me the original movies in sixth grade. The Mandalorian is a great continuation of the fictional universe.

This is the Way

Delany Jepsen, Production Manager
November 16, 2020
Pushing the Narrative- The Trump Administration continues to be very critical about critics on the economy. I think that the media needs to have a better take on this, Kale Edmonds (22) said. There is a lot of disinformation about the virus and the economy. Due to this confusion, President Donald Trump did daily press conferences to confront these questions head on. This has since been scaled back.

[Photo] Hurting System

Ethan Menning, Staff Reporter
April 27, 2020
Seniors Speak  - GNN asks students to speak up during self-quarantine.
Photo taken at Millard South August 29

[Photo] Senior Video

Maeya Gydesen, Editor-In-Chief
April 20, 2020
Dystopian Monarchy- “Red Queen” takes place in a war-torn future, with an oppressive monarchy. Mare reminds me a bit of Katniss Everdeen by the way she protects her family and looks after her little sister.

Royal Read With Red Queen

Delany Jepsen, Club Editor
April 16, 2020
Practice Makes Perfect - The Oral Interpretation of Drama practices Matilda. They were supposed to compete at districts before it was cancelled.

Outspoken Memories

Delany Jepsen, Club Editor
April 14, 2020
The Jazz Band performs Low Down Dirty Dog Blues at The Brew. Soloists included, Avery Owens, Kale Edmonds, Gene Mannewitz, and Micah Shaffer.

A Latte Love for Jazz

Delany Jepsen, Staff Reporter
February 14, 2020
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