Decade of Domination

Dragons Take Crown In State Performance


Kaleigh Zollman

Best Actress: Starring cast member Chloe Irwin (22) delivers her lines. “Our kids’ acting resembles a professional performance. They were exceptional.” Assistant Director Patrick White said. Irwin won Best Actress at State for her performance.

The 2019 One Act show, Bullets Over Broadway, dazzled audiences in several performances that graced its home stage at the high school. Their path of domination continued on through district performances, and most recently at the Johnny Carson Theater in Norfolk, Nebraska, where they took home their tenth consecutive Nebraska State One Act Championship.
“We were just so proud of them, our kids were spot on,” One Act Director Ms. Carole Carraher said. “It was an absolutely terrific performance. They were so bright and funny, and the audience loved, loved, loved them.”
It was not just the directors and audiences that loved the performance though, the showing received wonderfully high marks from the judges as well. The judges’ high marks assisted in bringing home the Class A One Act State Championship.
“The judges loved our performances,” sophomore Simon Kerr said. “They almost gave us a perfect score at our district performance, and then we did get a perfect score from the judges at state.”

Delany Jepsen
Standoff: An emotion-filled dialogue occurs between TJ Huber (20) and Chloe Irwin (22). “The audience loved the show every time we performed it.” Simon Kerr (22) said. The show thrilled audiences at districts and at state where they took home their tenth consecutive state championship

One of the many high points of the state-winning performance of Bullets Over Broadway was the outstanding performances given by the cast and ensemble. Seniors TJ Huber and Mickael Liermann were recognized for being outstanding performers. Sophomore Chloe Irwin was awarded for being the best actress in the state. Their performances heavily contributed to One Act bringing home the championship and helping make the trip to Norfolk worthwhile.
“They are exceptional,” Mr. White said. “Seeing them and watching the recordings of their performances. They heavily resemble professional performances. They are projecting, they are present, they are humorous. If you pause, every single actor has an expression on their face, they are completely in the moment. They are so far beyond a high school production.”

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The cast surrounds their state trophy after their win.