The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Annual Cookie Walk Takes Place


Delany Jepsen

Expressions Galore: Students in the choir put on faces showing plenty of emotion. Ranging from joy to surprise, performers like William Holke (20) made sure to express everything he could.

Every year the school choir puts on the Cookie Walk, a night where advisors, students and their families put on a cookie sale. It consists of students making cookies, selling them and then performing.
“The Cookie walk is two things\; the cookies and the show,” choir director Mr. Patrick Ribar said. “I help with the facility usage and setup for the cookies, the parents make the cookies then we get the show ready to be performed.”
Students that participate in the Cookie Walk help raise money for the show choir. Since they host the Primetime show competition, they use the money from the Cookie Walk as “startup money.” But to be able to raise the money the cookies have to be made and sold by them. Each family has to make as many cookies as they can.
“There’s not a certain amount, it’s really how much you want to contribute to the choir,” senior Kellen McLaughlin said. “They do encourage you to make a lot, obviously, as we have a lot of people.”

Delany Jepsen
Senior Solo: Students like Kellen McLaughlin (20) were given the chance to perform a solo at the Cookie Walk. McLaughlin was excited about his solo and noted that he would give it his all.

While the Cookie Walk lasts only for an evening, it takes a while to set up. Both the students and Mr. Ribar put in months to prepare.
“We put in a quarter of the school year for the performances, then a couple of days for the setup,” Mr. Ribar said.
With this year’s theme being an Evening in December, choir students dressed in anything from black and red, to one student, senior William Holke, being dressed as an elf. And despite a breaking riser, the show went on just fine with students like McLaughlin and senior Eden Venteicher getting solos to show off their voices at their final Cookie Walk.
Now that this year’s Cookie Walk is over, the choir department has finished its annual fundraiser with sweet success. And if students or families did not get a chance to indulge in the cookie buying, there is always next year to look forward to.