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Season Two of “The Mandalorian” Review


Delany Jepsen

The Force Awakens Part of my Star Wars sticker collection. I have been a fan of Star Wars since my parents showed me the original movies in sixth grade. The Mandalorian is a great continuation of the fictional universe.

On October 30, season two of “The Mandalorian” was released on Disney+. After channel surfing for months, and finding nothing new to watch, I was ecstatic to continue the story of the Mandalorian and the child (Baby Yoda). But, I should make it clear that since the show takes place after the Death Star explosion, the child is not Baby Yoda.
Disney+ will release one episode each Friday, so only one episode of season two was available when I was assigned this review. However, it is better to watch one episode than none. The total run time of “Chapter 9: The Marshal”, is 54 minutes, so it is a quick watch. The episode began with a quick recap of the first season, then the action begins. It picked up right where the previous season ended. Mando is on a quest to return the child to his people, while he searches for other Mandalorians. After a lead of information, they travel to the familiar planet, Tatooine.
While on Tatooine, Mando is greeted by characters old and new. A new character The Marshal, played by Timothy Olymphant, is introduced. He is wearing Mandalorian armor but makes it clear he is not one. True Star Wars fans will notice the armor resembles Boba Fett’s. While it was believed Fett died in the past movies, he is very much alive.
This episode focused around teamwork towards the defeat of a sand dragon. I was invested in the storyline because there was never a dull moment. The episode consisted of action-packed scenes, as well as cute moments provided by The Child. I enjoyed seeing the action choreography and the use of weapons. There were plenty of blasters and moments from Mando’s new beskar armor and jet pack.
Jon Favreau (Iron Man) directed and wrote this episode. He created the series, and writes and directs the majority of the episodes. He is creative in his directorial style, and it closely resembles the original movie’s cut scenes, so it feels nostalgic as seen during Mando’s journey through the sands of Tatooine. It is easy to follow, and their travel is interesting.
The end of the episode left me wondering what will happen next. When Mando left Tatooine, a man was seen overlooking a cliff. I speculate that he is Boba Fett, which explains the appearance of his armor. Mando believes that he was supposed to look for the Marshal. However, I believe that the real Mandalorian was Boba Fett.
All in all, I was pleased with the first episode in season two. While I wish there were more moments from The Child, their visit to Tatooine made up for it. Chapter 10 was released on Nov. 6 on Disney+. I can not wait to see where in the galaxy they will journey to throughout the season.