Shrek the Musical

Presenting the Last Musical of the Year

Just right. The three bears are being played by (left to right) Cameron Anderson (25), Nivriti Varanasi (25), Zhara Loosvelt (23).

Engaging in show business is a stressful yet fun task. There can be many different roles to be a part of the show. The spring performance of “ShrekThe Musical” showcased the talents of the fine arts program.
“The hardest part was when we had to put it all together and make it run with the individual scenes, add microphones, the light and everything else that goes along with it,” musical director Mr Pat Ribar said. “You have to make it flow and making the ‘heartbeat’ to the show is what makes it difficult.”
During the day on April 28, the team performed for 4th graders from GPS elementary schools. Later that night, they performed for teachers and parents. Freshman Brianna Wozniak played teen Fiona, Pied Piper, and a townsperson. Freshman Davon Draeger was a part of the Duloc Dancers from the movie. Draeger was heartbroken after the last performance.
“I was kinda sad,” Draeger. “I really loved doing Shrek and loved doing musicals this year! I would totally do it again.”
The auditions were held on Feb 14. On March 1, the students began rehearsals scheduled from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 on some days, when the show dates were closer, they stayed from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. The main roles in the musical were performed by seniors, because of that the juniors and lowerclassmen were cast in smaller roles.
“I thought that the students who had played the parts were perfect for them,” Ribar said. “They played the part just like from the movie, and I think that that was what had helped them get it done easier.”