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Ansley Gydesen

Ansley Gydesen, Staff Reporter

Ansley Gydesen is a junior at GHS and in her third year on The Voice Staff. She serves as the design editor. She is involved in journalism because she thinks it is a great way to express how you feel in opinion pieces as well as informing people with news pieces. Her favorite piece to write is feature pieces and give people the spotlight. Outside of journalism, she loves to play softball, hang out with friends and write in her free time.

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Trump 2024: Many citizens are hoping for Donald Trump to run for office and save America again. Hes the only president in my lifetime that has made me feel like a true American, Mr. Duane Phillips said. He stood up for the constitution and the second amendment which is what this country was made on.  Miracles will hopefully happen.

Executive Error

December 17, 2021

One Act is for Family

December 7, 2021
Academic Achievements: Studying for a future exam, finishing homework or making up assignments she is going to miss, Calie Peterson (24) uses study hall to her advantage. Athletes have to show discipline in their training and conditioning to perform at a high level, biology instructor Mr. Jacob Klein said. This is no different when it comes to academic performance.

From Pencil To Puck

November 3, 2021
Just Keep Swimming: Swimming is not the end-all for Zachary Kozak (22). I honestly dont know what Im going to do with swimming, but I could be a coach, Kozak said. Although swimming after high school may not be in his favor there are other options for the future.

Swim, Swim, Pose

January 17, 2021
Making Memories: Throughout all-state, Liam Pohlmann (21) has made many different memories with the many different people he has met. My favorite part of all-state is everyone I meet through the ensemble, Pohlmann said. To this day, I am still friends and actively talk to people that I met in all-state. Although he may not go to the same school as them, he still holds all the experiences they shared throughout all-state.

Arts Auditions

December 15, 2020
Yes to Open Campus: Saying yes to open campus lunch, Trevor Elliot (23) agrees with the idea of having an open campus lunch. I feel like an open campus would be a good thing for students, Elliot said. I also feel like COVID-19 has played a big role in lunch too because were so packed up together. It wouldnt really hurt if we could go get lunch instead.

Open Campus Opportunities

December 15, 2020
All of My Favorite Things; Influential objects that are important to the film Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Wallflowers Welcome

November 11, 2020
D-D-D- Defense; The underclassmen are sad to see players leaving such as pitcher Grace Buffington (21). I will miss the seniors, Ella Watts (23) said. Not just because they did a lot for the team, but also because they were my friends in real life, so its just sad to see them go. Not only Watts, but everyone left on the Dragons softball team said a sorrowful goodbye as the seniors played their very last high school game.

Ups and Downs

November 9, 2020
Perfect Shot; Ive been doing photography for about four years, Gabriella Goday (21) said. I was able to spend a lot more time and get better shots of landscapes since there wasnt a lot of people around. I wouldnt say I perfected it but I definitely gained more knowledge about it.

Quarantine Hobbies

August 24, 2020
Peoples Postcards; My mom came and told us that we should participate in this Project Lift Up for her work, senior Maeya Gydesen said. We wrote out heartfelt messages to residents in assisted living homes to put in goodie bags for them, and then the pharmacy took them to all of their assisted living homes to brighten the residents day and make them feel better during this crazy unknown time.

Project Lift Up

May 5, 2020
Working During Quarantine; I do a lot of building for my summer job, Colby Heavican (20) said. We are framing out a kitchen in Ashland.

Quarantined Kids

April 27, 2020
I believe that block scheduling will benefit everyone in the future if we were to change. Getting more time to do school work, and not having to sit through as many classes a day are major pluses to switching to block scheduling.

Seven to Four…

March 31, 2020
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