Seven to Four…

Keep the Routine, Or Change It?


Emma Mayer

I believe that block scheduling will benefit everyone in the future if we were to change. Getting more time to do school work, and not having to sit through as many classes a day are major pluses to switching to block scheduling.

For years, people have been arguing over the topic of block scheduling. Everyone has their own opinion on this subject, but I believe that block scheduling would benefit everyone if we made the switch. I have talked to my sister, senior Maeya Gydesen, and she has told me the pros and cons of both sides, but I think that ultimately, it will be a good change. 

If we changed to block scheduling, there would be a longer span to get my homework done and to ask questions in class about it. Since the class periods are longer than when it is seven periods a day, that gives more time for the teacher to teach the new material and me to do it in class. Also, it gives me a chance to work with my teacher in class, and ask all of the questions I need to understand the material I just learned in the class. With this kind of schedule, it also gives me more time to do the assignment that was given to me if I did not get it done in class, as I would only have that class every other day. 

My sister and I were talking, and she said that it would be beneficial to change because it would bring stress levels down, and I agree. With only having four class periods a day instead of seven, it would help me to not feel as stressed about the homework I was given, especially if I did not understand the assignment I was given the previous day. Taking the stress factor out of school would help me to relax more when doing all of the other activities that I currently participate in, as well as having more time to hang out with my friends and just being a kid. 

Additionally, I think that if we switched, more kids would show up to school. With no longer having seven periods a day, it would hold the attention of most kids. I know that for me I get bored very easily in class, so having to only sit through four periods a day, I would be more willing to listen and do my work in class, then having to sit through seven classes back to back. 

Overall, I believe that changing to block scheduling would have more pros than cons. Switching from seven to four class periods would give me more time to do my homework and ask questions. As well as helping me to limit the stress that is put on myself with seven periods a day, and giving me time to relax and worry about only my other activities outside of school. So, there is no argument when students take into consideration all of the pros that you get when moving to block scheduling.