Opinion: The College “Must Have” List

Preparing for Living in Dorms


It is an unknown place. Brand new to you and thousands of others. College often brings fresh opportunities, but some of those opportunities are associated with fear. Some might struggle with independence; some might struggle with balancing school work and a social life. Everyone will have a different lifestyle, but many will need the same things to “survive” living in the dorms. Things may be looked over, so this is a broad list of reminders that current college students call their “must have list.”

Noise canceling headphones
Some college dorm rooms can be loud. Whether it is your roommate, the person living above you or being around on campus, sound levels can build up. Many do not focus well with noise (or they just need peace and quiet), so noise canceling headphones are an easy solution to find a quiet environment.
Apple AirPods Pro (second generation)
JBL Tune 660NC: Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation

Extra school/office supplies
This might sound simple, but college students might forget to have this on their list. Some may not bring enough, leaving the rest of the year to be a stampede to find who has the best supplies. Supplies to include are: pencils, pens, highlighters, stapler and sharpies.
Mechanical Pencils
Pastel Highlights and Gel Pens
Mini Stapler with Staples

A small (or not so small) fan
Distraction is the key to sleep for some students. Along with the stuffy air and hot days living in college dorms bring, a fan will help to keep the temperature to your liking.
7-Inch Blade Fan
Standing Floor Fan

First Aid Kit/Medication
Many might overlook bringing a first aid kit, but they might come in handy. Small injuries may require a bandaid or to be disinfected, so having a first aid kit on-hand will save you the trip of a last minute Walgreens run. Medications will also be practical since college is a place of germs and illness. Also, pain relievers may help for smaller injuries.
First Aid Kit

Mini Tool Kit
For the older dorm rooms, things may be falling apart. To keep everything in-line, a mini tool box will help. It is better to be prepared (and avoid damage fees) than pay the price later.
CARTMAN 39 Piece Tool Set
Air purifier
As another way to stay healthy, investing in an air purifier that will filter the mold that may be hiding in the rooms. It will also filter out unwanted germs.
LEVOIT Air Purifier

Shower shoes
College communal showers are often described as unhygienic. Without shower shoes, the shower floor can lead to bacteria and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Protect yourself from these with shower shoes.
Multipurpose Men’s/Women’s Shower Shoes
Shower caddy
As a way to take all shower supplies to the showers in one trip, getting the right shower caddy is crucial. Some students like to use plastic ones; other students like to opt for a mesh one. Ultimately, it is a personal choice on what type is wanted.
Plastic Shower Caddy
Mesh Shower Caddy
Microwavable bowl
For dining hall food or take-out, a microwavable bowl is needed for the ultimate reheated leftovers. How many bowls you want is up to you to decide by how often you want to do the dishes. College students often say one is enough.
Microwavable Bowl
Extra phone charger/portable charger
College brings many opportunities, some may take all night. The average iPhone battery does not last charged for the whole day, so a portable charger will be a good idea.
Portable Charger
10 Foot iPhone Lightning Cable (Two Pack)
Again, batteries are another thing that may be overlooked. Batteries are a very common use in college. As a power source, they may not be needed at the beginning of the year but will be required once the previous batteries die. Do not overlook the need for something as simple as batteries.
AA 20 Count Batteries
Cleaning supplies
Dorm rooms are not huge, so convenient smaller cleaning supplies will be the best. Multi-purpose supplies can also help keep the room clean and shiny without taking up too much space. Having a clean room can help reduce stress, anxiety and depressive feelings.
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Handheld Cordless Vacuum
Power Strip
In college, there are many things that need to be plugged in, however some dorms do not supply enough outlets. An adapter will help to get more ports, save room and stay organized.
3-Side Power Strip