Quarantined Kids

Jobs, Hobbies Occupy New Free Time


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Working During Quarantine; “I do a lot of building for my summer job,” Colby Heavican (20) said. “We are framing out a kitchen in Ashland.”

Even though schools and businesses have closed their doors so citizens can practice social distancing, that does not necessarily mean that students follow all of the rules. Yes, everyone is supposed to be in the social distancing model, but it will not stop some high school students. Teens are bored staying home all day every day and want to hang out with their friends. Some even miss school and wish to return to their normal daily routine. Others may be sticking to that same school schedule to fit the mold of their ways at home.
“I do my morning stuff and school stuff until like 12,” freshman Zaylan Nicholas said. “Then I go on a walk until like 1:30 with my neighbors, and then I go over to their house. I come home at like 6 and then just watch tv and chill.”

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Walking The Dog: During quarantine, Zaylan Nicholas (23) walks his dog, Pepper. “I think it’s important to get outside and continue to do things during quarantine,” Nicholas said. “I usually walk around my neighborhood with my friends in the afternoon.”

Although some kids are walking or spending time outside during this self-quarantine, others have been spending their time working. Working is another way to get out of the house and take up a large amount of time.
“At the beginning of quarantine I had nothing to do,” senior Colby Heavican said. “Over the past couple of weeks, I have kept myself busy working 40 hour weeks with my summer job, since I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends.”
Although some kids want to get out of the house to occupy their time, others try to find activities around the house to do. During social distancing, many kids try to entertain themselves by eating and doing school work. Since they do not have a strict schedule, some kids are staying up later and do not wake up until later in the day.
“I’ve been really bored during quarantine, so I’ve mostly been crying, and eating and sleeping,” sophomore Peyton Secora said. “I also made it a goal of mine to go to stay up till at least 4:00 every night.”
Throughout this self-quarantine, kids are finding it harder to occupy their time with activities. Although they do have school work during the week, they no longer have the seven-hour school schedule to keep them fully occupied throughout the whole day. Kids are trying to fill in the gaps of the missing school day by walking or spending time outside. Others, however, are going to work, or just staying home and eating. Regardless of what they are doing, teens are still finding different ways to entertain themselves in this self-quarantine.