Executive Error

Inaccuracies of Mr. President

Trump 2024: Many citizens are hoping for Donald Trump to run for office and save America again. “He’s the only president in my lifetime that has made me feel like a true American,” Mr. Duane Phillips said. “He stood up for the constitution and the second amendment which is what this country was made on. Miracles will hopefully happen.”

On 20 Jan. 2021, Joseph Biden was inaugurated as the forty-sixth president of the United States of America. According to Ballotpedia, since that point, he has signed 72 executive orders, 42 presidential memorandums, 182 proclamations and 25 notices into action. In less than a year, he has single-handedly betrayed hundreds of people due to the closing of the Keystone XL Pipeline, continues to press the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination and staged the removal of troops from Afghanistan in an unsafe and careless manner.
On the day he took office, president Biden ended the Keystone XL Pipeline, and snatched jobs from working-class Americans that supported him. According to USAToday, 21 states wanted to sue Biden to overturn his cancellation which would have created thousands of construction jobs. Also in that article, Sen. Jon Tester of Montana- one of the only Democrats that supported the pipeline- said that it was frustrating that national politics killed a project that would have yielded big benefits. He is going to continue to strive for our energy independence and get the economy firing on all cylinders. The U.S. is now relying on OPEC for its oil supply causing a spike in gas prices. According to the “Washington Examiner”, OPEC nations have been withholding around six million barrels of oil per day from the world. The Biden Administration is desperately trying to strike a deal with them, but without a boost in OPEC production, analysts suspect the prices will continue to escalate as demand rises meaning gas prices will be spiked even higher.
Besides the rise in gas prices, President Biden made a claim stating that in order to protect themselves against hurricane season, citizens should just get vaccinated. President Biden made a speech that was spread across many different social media platforms which said, “Let me be clear. If you’re in a state where hurricanes often strike like Florida or the Gulf Coast or into Texas, a vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated now. Everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated and a hurricane or natural disaster strikes.” This statement is understandable as it makes traveling easier due to COVID-19, but when citizens of these areas receive the alert of a hurricane approaching, their first thought would not be to go get the vaccine. They would opt to board up their houses or make travel arrangements heading out of that state for a safer place until the natural disaster is over. The vaccination should be a choice, not a mandate. A few years have passed since the real outbreaks of COVID-19 to the point where people no longer have to wear masks and the government cannot forget about civil liberties or the fact that the shot may cause a higher risk for testing positive. According to the Epoch Times, many doctors would risk their jobs and medical licenses to get the federal vaccine mandate taken down and are fighting for the right to not receive the vaccine.
Out of all the executive orders that President Biden has made, the removal of troops from Afghanistan has to be the cherry on top. Perhaps not the fact that they were removed, since clearing them out, ending the longest war in American history and bringing them home safely were all important objectives, but he did it in an unclean fashion with little care to the consequences. According to Ben Shapiro from the “Daily Wire”, the Taliban would have taken many days to even have the capacity to invade Afghanistan, but due to Biden’s poor execution, they did it in hours. After watching his video on this topic, I have to agree with him that this execution was rushed and botched that the U.S. left behind billions of dollars of equipment for the Taliban to take over and use. Shapiro also went on to say, that this war was not one that required the United States to pull out forthwith leaving people to be slaughtered in the streets without the possibility of America being able to strike back because there are no airbases stationed there anymore. President Biden left innocent civilians to be murdered at the hands of the Taliban as if their lives meant nothing.
Since the start of his presidency, Joe Biden has made mistake after mistake. From having to rely on OPEC countries for oil after canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline to constantly pushing for a vaccine mandate and finally the poor removal of troops from Afghanistan it is evident he should scale back his agenda. The country needs mending, so the populace should look forward to the 2024 presidential election.