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High School Hierarchy

Ansley Gydesen, Co-editor
December 16, 2022
Students who have all their assignments in are allowed to have free time or green zone for first-period algebra. Tregan Crister (25) takes this time to read and get his AR done for the next class, English.

Busy bee

McKenna Seguin, Reporter
February 4, 2022
Trump 2024: Many citizens are hoping for Donald Trump to run for office and save America again. Hes the only president in my lifetime that has made me feel like a true American, Mr. Duane Phillips said. He stood up for the constitution and the second amendment which is what this country was made on.  Miracles will hopefully happen.

Executive Error

Ansley Gydesen, Design Editor
December 17, 2021
In the wake of their 2019 FIFA World Cup win, several members of the team, including much of their talented attack, have faced questions about the possibility of their retirement.

Still On Top

Zane Mrozla-Mindrup, Copy Editor
February 1, 2021
While Colin Kaepernick chooses to kneel another man chooses to stand for the flag.

I Pledge Allegiance

Klare Peters, Staff Reporter
January 21, 2021
Tommy (left) and Mallory (right) were both adopted from Dollys Legacy Animal Rescue based in Lincoln, Nebraska. They were adopted about 2 years apart.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Savannah Andrews, People Editor
January 19, 2021
First-Times: With Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoffs victory in the Georgia Senate runoff election, many first-time accomplishments were made. Warnock became the first black senator from the state of Georgia. Ossoff, 33 years-old, is the youngest senator elected and the first democratic senator in Georgia since  1996.

Next Stop on Your Left

Matthew McKinney, Staff Reporter
January 18, 2021
In the show Peytons Places,  Peyton takes selfies with almost everyone he meets. I caught up with him to see if I could be a part of show!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Connor Bulgrin, Editor-In-Chief
April 20, 2020

Second Amendment Under Fire

Ethan Menning, Sports Editor
January 23, 2020
Turn Hard: Another important part of a race is the turn. There are two types of turns: flip turns and open turns.The flip turn helps give an extra burst of speed.

Racing for a Better Pool

Mary Matya, Managing Editor
December 24, 2019
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