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Students Question Actual Purpose of Homework

Students who have all their assignments in are allowed to have free time or green zone for first-period algebra. Tregan Crister (25) takes this time to read and get his AR done for the next class, English.

Homework is a pain. Having to come home and still do work when school hours are over is the worst. When I get home, I want to have a snack and just sit down and take a nap. Homework does not have too much of an impact on your grades since daily work is thirty percent of your grade.
To be honest, no one wants to do homework, especially on the weekend. Most people would forget to do their homework because they are hanging out with friends or family, I know I do. Most of the time I can get homework done pretty quickly. It’s just remembering it and being motivated to do it. I know it could be especially hard if you have sports after school. When I played basketball in middle school. I remember multiple times doing the homework five minutes before class started. I can also see how it can just get in the way of peoples’ grades. When I forgot to do my homework and then heard the teacher say “ok time to hand in the homework.” all I could come up with is “oh I forgot to do it.” or “I left it at home.” and I got a seventy percent on my grade. I feel if I didn’t have homework my grades would rise dramatically because I’m not too good at turning in homework. I’ve gotten better at homework but that does not mean I get one hundred percent of my homework.
I feel that homework isn’t that necessary. I feel like it adds stress to students. If homework was taken down and no one passed out homework my stress would go down a whole lot. Not only that but no one learns anything from school work. When I do my schoolwork I rush through it and I do not learn too much from it. I feel like homework is just busywork, it doesn’t affect me or teach me anything rather than how to get it done in five minutes. If school work was not handed I feel like so many things would benefit from it. Students instead of getting paperwork could do hands-on activities that students could benefit from.
For me, hands-on activities help a whole lot. It helps me so I feel like I can ask questions and I can learn more. I feel like schoolwork should not be handed out and students should be taught hands-on so students can learn more.

As teachers put in their grades for students Mr.Kyle Francois (Algebra teacher) rushes to get the last of student’s grades in after students failed to turn in their homework on time. (Mckenna seguin)
Working 9-5. Students Kylie Sumner (25) and Brenna Dostle (25) rush to get their homework done for 1st-period algebra class. They are in such a rush because Mr.Kyle Francois needs to collect their work. (Mckenna seguin)