Gretna Outgrows FBLA

DECA is a Better Option for the Dragons

Helping the community! Members of the Gretna FBLA program (left to right), Mackenzie Grant (24), Taryn Nord (24), Joe Stolinski (24), Molly Raines (23), Shawn Davis (24), Jenna Keasling (23), Isaiah Weber (24), Jack Lowry (23) volunteer at Gretna Neighbors Food Drive. FBLA offers opportunities to students and gives them chances to become more involved.

I had first heard about DECA from a friend who went to MSHS. When I came to GHS, I was excited to learn about student clubs and if DECA was something I could check out. I came to find out that Gretna does not offer DECA but instead offers FBLA, and so I wondered, what exactly is the difference, and which is better?
DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. It’s a club for students who are interested in business and prepares students who are hoping to go into careers to do business, finance, or management. Over 3,000 high schools currently offer DECA and 175,000 members currently participate.
FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America, and it essentially does the same thing as DECA but slightly different. DECA mainly focuses on events that are performance related such as presentations and projects, and FBLA relies heavily on testing and “book” knowledge of business, finance, management. Both clubs are competition and networking focused for students interested in business careers.
Both organizations offer scholarship opportunities for students and give students the opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills. Students who choose to participate in these programs create chances for themselves to get ahead academically and career wise.
When it comes to which is better, DECA or FBLA, that’s a whole different question. DECA is offered more often in larger schools, and the thought process supports why Gretna has a FBLA chapter because many years ago they were a much smaller district. Gretna became a Class A school a few years ago, it is time for a change. With the growing community in Gretna it is important for the school to continue to grow along with it and provide our students the same opportunities as students in other class A schools..
FBLA and DECA are great programs for any student who wants to become more advanced in business, finance, or management. If you agree with me that a DECA chapter should come to GHS, reach out. Send me an email. Let’s make a plan and go chat with the administration.