COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Students’ Share Opinions on Social Distance


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School Work while Social Distancing; “I do participate in social distancing,” Ava Drummond (23) said. “I think the school should have been shut down, but I don’t like how long it’s being shut down.”

Ansley Gydesen, Staff Reporter

 When the coronavirus first hit the U.S around Jan. 19 of this year. At first, many people did not know what they should do to protect themselves, as this was a pandemic meaning that there was not much known about it. As the virus spread across the world, shops, places of work and schools everywhere started to close. The state government thought it best for people to quarantine themselves in their house, and practice social distancing. They thought that this is the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus. It is called flattening the curve. Social distancing and community spread of the virus caused the closing of many school buildings. Those closings did not mean learning stopped, but they meant that group activities such as walking into GHS each day, spring sports, Prom and graduation were or could possibly be canceled. 

“I’m so sad about school closing and all my activities being canceled because of quarantine, but I take it seriously,” senior Keegan Towey said. “Some people don’t, which I think defeats the purpose, but I do think that it is a little unrealistic that everybody will distance themselves.” 

Many people still do not see the importance of social distancing for reasons such as experience, beliefs, emotions and entitlement. Some people think that their experience and beliefs will get them out of social distancing, as they think this pandemic will not be as bad as other diseases before and they also believe that it is not as serious as people are making it seem. Others think that social distancing is not a big deal because their emotions are telling them that it is not. They are not afraid, therefore they think that they will not get the virus, or they feel entitled to do what they want they want to.

“I think some people that have asthma and things that make them more able to get it are participating,” freshman Mathias Johansson said. “I think that people who aren’t able to get it as easy are just hanging out with friends. I’m not participating because if they’re going to give us a day off of school, I’m just going to go hang out with friends.”

As for the people participating in social distancing, many do not understand the logic behind not practicing social distancing. For the fact of not catching the virus, most people do stick to quarantining themselves in their houses. Not only to keep themselves safe but the people around them too.  

“I do think that quarantine is effective because no one in our school has gotten Corona because we haven’t been there, so I guess that makes it effective,” freshman Ava Drummond said. “I think social distancing sucks because I can’t hang out with anyone and I feel trapped in my house but I guess it helps.” 

Overall, some people agree with social distancing, and some do not. Some agree to stay inside and quarantine themselves, while others go outside and hang out with friends. Not only do they feel trapped and bored, but Coronavirus has taken away many things from many people. Nevertheless, people are slowly accepting that social distancing is a part of life now.