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Sibling Split

How Life Changed for Brothers and Sisters Going to Different Schools
Sonora and London De Fini now play on different soccer teams due to the split of GHS and GEHS. Sonora is a junior and London is a senior. Maddie Almquist created the graphic.

Many things have changed for the Gretna community this year, and one of the biggest changes was the new high school being built. The students were split up and divided into either Dragons or Griffins. However, some families are also divided into those two groups.

“It was kind of surprising at first,” senior London De Fini said. “I have been with my sisters for a long time at our school.”

The shocking news came in November 2022. It was said that when the schools split up the Gretna East Griffins would not have any seniors attending their school. Instead, the grade would stay together to attend the original high school, GHS. This news was confusing for many in the community. The split was also very difficult for the families whose kids would be going to different schools.

“It was also kind of confusing,” Defini said. “We were trying to figure out how we were going to get to school and what was going to happen.”

Although the seniors had to stay at GHS, their younger siblings were given the opportunity to choose. However, after the senior graduates, the younger sibling must return to the school they were originally assigned to. For London and her younger sister, Sonora Defini, it was a hassle figuring out how they were going to get to school. It was also a change for the Defini siblings because they used to play on the same soccer team for the school. Now, since the split, they will no longer be able to compete with each other.

“The worst part is that our schedules do not line up as much anymore,” sophomore Kate Gudenrath said. “With me still being 15, I rely on [Chase] to drive me to places.”

Kate goes to Gretna East while her brother, senior Chase Gudenrath, remains at GHS. Before the split, the pair would ride to school together each morning. Since the schools have gone their separate ways it has affected Kate’s daily life. Her and her friend group were split up and her family had to figure out how Kate was getting to school.

“It’s a tough position for everyone,” Heckenlively said. “Whatever decision they make is going to affect someone negatively either way.”

The school board carefully thought about the decision to split up siblings. That is where they made the compromise that if someone’s sibling was a senior then the younger sibling had the option to stay an extra year at GHS or they could go to Gretna East. Overall the schools splitting up has been hard for everyone. It has especially been hard for the siblings who have to split up.

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Maddie Almquist, Reporter
Madison Almquist is a sophomore at GHS and this is her second year with Gretna Media. She serves as a reporter and a photographer. She is interested in journalism because she wants people to see the stories and articles that she writes. Her favorite thing to write is feature stories. Besides being in journalism she loves to hang out with friends and watching movies.

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