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Senior Sets Up Small Business
Senior Adeline Fliege created this college board that focuses on Nebraska Methodist College. She said similar boards being sold on Etsy inspired her.
Senior Adeline Fliege created this college board that focuses on Nebraska Methodist College. She said similar boards being sold on Etsy inspired her.
Brynne Friedrich

Beyond the classroom, senior Adeline Fliege has embarked on a creative journey making college boards for students at GHS. Using a canvas and paint, she designs a collage of symbols that represent a college that students are planning to attend next year. Fliege’s paintings serve as a celebration of aspirations, dreams and the pursuit of a higher education.

“I saw a post about it, and I always knew I wanted something decorative to resemble my college,” senior Kenia Morales said. “I wanted something that came from Gretna, but also that represented where I am going to school next year.”

In addition, Fliege began making the boards for her softball teammates and for herself but decided to venture out to make them for others. Her inspiration came from a video she saw of someone else making the same product. She used this small business as a creative outlet for her, and she challenged herself. 

“I saw them on TikTok originally, and these people were selling them on Etsy for $200,” Fliege said. “I decided that they were way too overpriced, and I could just make my own. Then I realized that I could make them for other people to enjoy too, while also making money.”

Fliege’s creativity has surpassed making the college boards for herself and her teammates and has become her own small business. She had originally started showing her product by posting an example on her Instagram page and informing people about her product and the price. From then on she started having seniors purchase these colleges and her company continues to grow. 

Fliege made this college board for senior Ava Fuller. Fuller plans to attend Northwest Missouri State. (Ava Fuller)

“I made all these canvases for the girls on my softball team that graduated last year, and they liked them,” Fliege said. “I also wanted to make some more money for college. I have already had ten people buy them so far. I’ve also had a lot of people tell me they want one, but they don’t know where they are going to college yet, so they will let me know when they decide.”

Furthermore, Fliege has figured out the easiest way to make the college boards. She begins by sketching them out on her iPad with her Apple Pencil. Next, she sends the rough draft to the customer to confirm that they are happy before she begins on the canvas. Finally, she copies her draft onto the canvas with paint. Each customer is handed their product that is wrapped in tissue paper with their name on it.

“I had originally gotten one for my friend, but after I saw it I decided I really wanted one,” Morales said. “She was so accommodating to any changes that I wanted to make, and she was super easy to work with. She was also super fast at getting it back to me. I definitely recommend her to anyone because she is so sweet and she did an amazing job.” 

As Fliege continues to balance the demands of her senior year with the responsibilities of her small business, her story becomes a symbol of creativity and resilience. These paintings serve as a bridge between the present and future, encouraging her peers to envision the vast opportunities that await them, and their dreams for higher education.  


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