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Tryout Process and Experiences During All State


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Making Memories: Throughout all-state, Liam Pohlmann (21) has made many different memories with the many different people he has met. “My favorite part of all-state is everyone I meet through the ensemble,” Pohlmann said. “To this day, I am still friends and actively talk to people that I met in all-state.” Although he may not go to the same school as them, he still holds all the experiences they shared throughout all-state.

Music students audition for all state band and choir every year. This year, auditions were held on Sept. 17, 18 and 19. Students are required to sing or play the song that was given to them by the judges. COVID-19 did not change the audition process, as the first step is always to send in a recording to see if the musician will advance to the next step. Students in all state do a few different activities towards the end of the year, after the entire audition and practice process.
Although band and choir are both fine arts, they conduct their auditions differently. The first step of auditioning for all state choir is to send in a recording of the song or songs from a list that the judges have chosen. If the judges enjoy your recording, then participants move on to the next stage.
“Auditions usually take place in room two, and are always recorded,” senior Ellis Deal said. “In past years, there were multiple possible songs that could be chosen for auditions. Then when the audition “cuts” come out, those auditioning know which songs and parts they are singing. This year, there was only one song, and you basically sang the whole thing.”
Although the audition process can be overwhelming, students found comfort in being together and sharing the experience. Most students that audition for all state choir have been singing for some time now, and want to share their talent with the people around them.
“I’ve been in musical theater since I was nine, so I’ve been to countless auditions,” junior Isabelle Rangel said. “My favorite thing about auditions is the excited nervousness that comes right before you’re up. There is no feeling like it. My favorite thing about the all state audition process is the unity I felt the day before and the day of auditions because we were all going through the same thing.”
Not only students in choir, but also band, work hard to succeed in the all state. If a student makes it to the next stage in the audition, there are long hours of hard work and practice ahead. Once they finish the long rehearsals, they are rewarded with a special performance.

Auditions: It started out as a job, but all-state has turned into something amazing for Paul Cornett (21). “My first audition was because my lesson teacher made me audition,” Cornett said. “Once I made it, I realized how much fun it really was so I was more motivated next time.” In the end, Cornett was happy that he auditioned, as all-state was much better than he thought it was going to be. (Submitted Photo)

“The biggest part of all state is rehearsing to put on a final concert,” senior Paul Cornett said. “Every year, they bring in world-renowned conductors and we work with them for three days rehearsing about nine hours a day. There is also a big exposition where a variety of music businesses come and display products. At the end of it, all the ensembles perform a final concert at the Lied Center in Lincoln.”
All state isn’t just about working hard to achieve a goal, but also about the people you meet and the experiences you get. Many students still enjoy talking to the people they meet in all state.
“I suppose I auditioned initially because I loved the competition,” senior Liam Pohlmann said. “Over time, however, I kept auditioning simply because I loved getting away for a few days to meet incredible people, work hard and have the time of my life.”
Although COVID-19 did not impact all state auditions this year, it did impact the end of the year performance. The organizers of all state made the concert at the end virtual along with the practice sessions during the year. Once students get in, they work hard and have many memorable experiences throughout the season. Beyond the hard there are many memories made throughout the years that participants look back on.