Regular School vs eLearning

Students’ Preference With Face to Face or Online Instruction


Ansley Gydesen

Week 7 Online; “Honestly not having to go to school in general is really nice,” Mathias Johansson (23) said. “I do still have my school work, but there’s not as much, and it’s not as time consuming.”

As social distancing measures were put in place, many students did not think much of it. Little did they know that what was supposed to be only a two-week break turned into the rest of the semester. When the quarantine was extended, many students tired of e-Learning and wanted to return to regular school.
“I personally prefer regular school over online school,” freshman Danika Temoshek said. “At regular school, you get to go and see your friends, your teachers and other people. You also just get good social interactions with people that you might not regularly see on a daily basis which is always nice. Compared to over online school where you do all your work at home and you just see your family. I also feel that it’s especially good for the kids that don’t have a great home life. They can go to school for a couple hours and they can have a safe place that they can learn, hang out with their friends and eat. They don’t really have to worry about anything at school. I also get so extremely distracted at home when I’m trying to do my work. I will go on youtube for hours instead of doing my homework.”
Although many students do want to get back to school, some would rather stay home and continue doing e-Learning. Many of these students like the home atmosphere better than school, or just do not like going to school at all. When they are at home, they can spread homework out instead of doing it all in school right away.

Ansley Gydesen
School Activities; “I do really like going to school and doing all the extra activities,” Danika Temoshek (23) said. “I think it’s so important to have relationships with those people in clubs in regular school because that’s just what I prefer.”

“I think online school is just so much better,” freshman Mathias Johansson said. “It’s super easier and you only get one assignment per week from each class that’s not even due until Friday, so you could literally do nothing all day. You don’t have to sit at school in boring classes for like 8 hours. You can do what you want at home, eat whatever food you want and go hang out with your friends.”
Overall, each student has a reason as to why they prefer regular school over e-Learning or vice-versa. Neither one is right or wrong, but for the time being, e-Learning is the norm. No matter how many kids want to go back, they are stuck at home, and as for the kids that enjoy not having to go to school, this is like a dream come true.