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Step 1: Check Temperatures
In the triage center, students are required to maintain six feet of space from one another while waiting to get their temperature checked by either of the two school nurses. If their temperature is higher than normal and/or they are experiencing multiple symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to wait in the secondary health office. (behind the door pictured)

Admin Reports Rise In Cases

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
September 24, 2020
Week 7 Online; Honestly not having to go to school in general is really nice, Mathias Johansson (23) said. I do still have my school work, but theres not as much, and its not as time consuming.

Regular School vs eLearning

Ansley Gydesen, Staff Reporter
May 11, 2020
Room For Improvement: I believe e-learning could be more improved if we did it more like the college-style, Chandler Brown (21) said. Every class still had their hours just online instead of in the classroom.

Learning From A Distance

Lauren Eurich, Entertainment/Opinion Editor
May 4, 2020
Still Meeting: Each staff from the journalism department meets once a week via Zoom to discuss their story assignments. They have done this every week since March 23 in order to stay organized and deliver content for their publications.

Adapting to Distance Learning

Kaleigh Zollman, Online Editor
April 20, 2020
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