Lebron James 

Connor Bulgrin, Editor-In-Chief


In every competitive sport, there is always an argument on who is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). In professional basketball two of the main front runners for the title are Lebron James and Michael Jordan. The two players have some of the best statistics in NBA history and are constantly compared to one another. In my opinion, James is definitely the GOAT.

James set himself apart right away with his NBA career starting straight out of high school. While Jordan took the time to play college basketball, James was too good and decided to join the NBA. He was the first pick in the 2003 draft, while Jordan was the third pick in the 1984 draft. Both won Rookie of the Year respectively, but James was18, not 22. He did not need the time to mature his skills in college he knew he was ready for the big leagues right away.

Usually, comparisons can be decided by statistics or win-loss records; however, this one is different because the two players have very similar resumes. The major difference that sets them apart is how many championships they have won. Jordan led a team to the NBA Finals six times and won all of them. Meanwhile, James led a team to the Finals eight times in a row and only won three. This is where Jordan supporters get all of their arguments. One argument is that James’ inability to win championships is what keeps him below Jordan. However, there is a key aspect that they leave out. Jordan had a few of the best teams in NBA history with him. On the other hand, James had good talent, but nothing near what Jordan had. James was forced to play his best the entire game while Jordan was only needed for clutch finishes or tough games. James had to be on his best game no matter what.

Another aspect of James’ championship deficit is the league he plays in is way better than what it was in the ’90s when Jordan played. The game has become less physical, and more about the offensive attack and shooting. It is natural for sports to improve as time goes on, but in this modern era, things are changing quickly. With new technology, athletes can train better and smarter. New medical science lets athletes recover from injuries better and faster. All of these things have led to all athletes tremendously increasing their skill. The teams that Jordan played were just not as good as the teams James has had to play. Some statistics even show that some of the worst teams in the NBA could match up against Jordan’s squad. Statistics from the 2018-19 New York Knicks, the worst team in the league, are comparable to Jordan’s best team. Because the style of the game has changed, the Bulls would still have probably won, but it would be closer than most people think. 

Overall, there is no question the James is the GOAT of the NBA. His image will forever be remembered in the NBA. His nickname ‘The King’ should be an obvious signal that he truly is the best.  His unrelenting quest for championships even with undermanned teams shows that he is definitely the best.