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MaryJane Fletcher

MaryJane Fletcher, Reporter

MaryJane Fletcher is a freshman at GHS and is in her first year on The Voice Staff. She serves as a reporter. She is involved in journalism because she feels it is a great opportunity to improve upon her writing skills and become less shy. Her favorite thing to write about is psychology. Outside of journalism, she likes to develop fiction story ideas and tell bad jokes.

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COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT Finals are tests, typically taken at the end of semesters, that encompass everything that was taught in that semester. While many classes have a final, not all of them do. “For some classes it doesnt make much sense to have a final,” freshman Liz Aure said. “I’m in German and we aren’t doing a major final, because we’ve learned so much, we just have taken so many other tests that show that we know it. For things like science, I do have a final in that class, I think that makes sense.”


May 19, 2022
FLUFFY RESPONSIBILITY Animals can be really cute, silly, and fun. However, while there are a lot of good things that come with pets, they are also a large responsibility. “My sister has to wash him,” sophomore Ellie Featherstone said. “I take him on walks sometimes, we have to watch him when my parents aren’t home. I have to pick up his poop from the backyard sometimes. There’s more responsibility but there’s also more fun.”

Pawsibly Purrfect

May 13, 2022
SHOWING SUPPORT One of the best ways to combat period related stigma is to talk about them. However, for people who would find randomly starting conversations about periods a little too uncomfortable, another way to combat stigma is to support social media creators who are talking about it. This can be done by watching, liking, commenting, and sharing their videos so their message reaches more people.

No Shame Period

May 5, 2022
UNNECESSARY ATTENDANCE The ACT is a national standardized academic achievement test the state requires juniors to take. The PreACT is taken the year before to prepare students for the ACT. While sophomores took the PreACT and juniors took the ACT, freshman and seniors got an AI Day. “It’s honestly pretty good, just because a lot of the teachers, who I have personally, end up proctoring,” senior Chloe Ott said. “So it would be a lot of subs and I wouldn’t learn anything because they wouldn’t make lesson plans. Typically, they don’t make lesson plans for the day they proctor. I remember a couple years ago where I was just like, ‘are we just gonna sit here’ ‘yeah, you just sit here’ and that was every single class. So, making it so you don’t actually have to actually come in is a great way of handling it.”

No Pressure

March 28, 2022
BORING BINGE Many people enjoy watching sports, and for players and coaches,  watching sports can help them to improve their own skills. However, despite the potential positives, some people don’t find watching sports to be entertaining. “I’m not sure there are too many negatives, but I know watching sports isn’t everyones cup of tea,” head cross country and track coach Ms. Jessa Sughroue said. “I personally find some sports pretty boring to watch and could find better ways to use my time, but that is just my opinion.”

Athletic Assets

March 2, 2022
PAST POLICIES Class registration is an important event as it decides what classes students will be taking the following year. There are several ways a school can approach registration, and how it has been done has changed over the years. “In the past students would register in their Homeroom,” principal Mr. Todd Mueller said. “We went away from it because there were too many errors. Plus, we no longer have a Homeroom period.”

Registering for Success

February 23, 2022
HOME SWEET HOME Over hundreds of years humans have bred domesticated animals to be suited for a human household. However, wild animals have not adapted to be house pets, and they would be better off living in their natural environment. Non domestic animals need space to move in, interaction with animals in their species, and mental stimulation. These are things an average pet owner cannot provide.

Born to Cuddle

February 7, 2022
HOW MANY MORE Soon after the snow fell, the weather heated up again and started melting some of the snow.  Even with the warmer weather, in Nebraska, it can be hard to predict whether it would be the last snow day. “It is impossible to say,” principal Mr. Todd Mueller said. “This winter has been very mild to this point so I wouldnt anticipate many more, but you never know with Nebraska weather.”

Snow-Body’s at School

MaryJane Fletcher, Reporter
January 28, 2022
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