Snow-Body’s at School

First Snow Day Provides a Four Day Weekend

HOW MANY MORE Soon after the snow fell, the weather heated up again and started melting some of the snow. Even with the warmer weather, in Nebraska, it can be hard to predict whether it would be the last snow day. “It is impossible to say,” principal Mr. Todd Mueller said. “This winter has been very mild to this point so I wouldn’t anticipate many more, but you never know with Nebraska weather.”

Due to a Winter Weather Advisory forecast on Friday, Jan. 14, the district closed schools for the first “snow day” of the school year. With a scheduled day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 17, this changed the already three day weekend into a four day weekend.
“I was surprised since I didn’t think there would be that much snow,” freshman Maya Thorne said. “So it was a really happy surprise.”
According to principal Mr. Todd Mueller, snow days are decided by superintendent Dr. Rich Beran. Typically, he consults with the National Weather Service and Ouffet Air Force Base Weather; then he has discussions with other superintendents in the metro area.
“I do know part of it is still can the bus routes run safely,” Mr. Mueller said. “Especially on the county roads.”
Some students enjoyed their day off from the stressors of school by having a relaxing day at their home.
“I played with my dog and I took a nice hot long shower,” Throne said. “And I watched Netflix.”
An unexpected day off of school makes it easy for most to have a high opinion of snow days.
“When I was a student I absolutely loved snow days,” Mr. Mueller said. “Something about getting an unscheduled, unexpected day off made them feel that much better than other days off of school.”
However, for some students there are more variables to consider when weighing their opinion of snow days.
“It depends on if there’s snow on the ground and if I had something planned for school on the next day,” eighth grader Mallory Suggitt said. “If there’s snow then you can play around in it but if there’s not then it’s just cold outside. I would rather be at school with my friends than at home with no snow.”
Although snow days are a generally enjoyed event, some students find that there are disadvantages that come from snow days.
“I believe they’re okay,” junior Anthony McKinley said. “If we have a snow day there is no school, but everything else is pushed onto that next day and it adds more pressure to students.”
For some districts, such as Omaha and Millard Public Schools, instead of having a snow day they had a remote learning day. However, the typical snow days are not only valued by many students. Some parents also appreciate their children getting a day off school.
“I am for snow days; I think snow days are a part of the school experience in the midwest and I don’t think you should have to do remote learning when you are on a snow day,” GHS parent Shaun Grammer said. “I get to sleep in and not take the kids to school.”
Some students feel that Gretna has fewer snow days than other districts.
“I feel like Gretna has too few snow days,” McKinley said. “I notice a lot of other schools have more snow days because they are a little more cautious. Gretna tries to have less snow days unless there actually is something that will happen with the weather.”
Whether or not they have fewer snow days, Gretna still works to prioritize the safety of their students and will call off school if it’s believed to be necessary.
“Snow days are necessary for the safety of our students,” Mr. Mueller said. “Safety is always our top priority and if that means that it is best to have students stay home, then that is what we should do.”