Athletic Assets

Sports Provide Many Benefits

TERRIBLE TEAMS While there are several benefits from playing sports, there are some negatives. One of these negatives could come up if a player isn’t in the most desirable team. “I think there are definitely more positive aspects to playing sports than there are negative,” head cross country and track coach Ms. Jessa Sughroue said. “Although, if you are part of a team with a negative culture or negative attitudes, playing sports could definitely be discouraging.”

While the opinion of sports may vary from person to person, it is hard to argue that sports do not have several benefits. Of course, sports do have some downsides, but the positives outway the negatives.
“Scientific studies show that participating in activities has a positive effect on high school students’ success,” head volleyball and assistant track coach Mr. Mike Brandon said. “I think any activity (athletics, band, show choir, one act, ac-dec, e-sports, chess club, journalism, etc) is beneficial to young people’s success in life.”
One obvious benefit of playing sports is physical activity. It is well known that exercise is needed to stay in a healthy lifestyle, and playing sports is a great way to remain physically fit.
“It’s really important to our health to move the body regularly. Sports provide a fun way to do that,” head cross country and track coach Ms. Jessa Sughroue said. “You use muscles you wouldn’t normally use if you didn’t do physical activity.”
However, there are physical negatives to playing sports. As with all forms of exercise, there is always a risk of getting hurt.
“Injuries can be a downside,” Mr. Brandon said. “Sometimes athletes abuse their bodies in pursuit of athletic success.”
Along with the physical benefits of playing sports, there are also mental benefits. Participating in a sport can teach life lessons and encourage traits to help someone throughout their life.
“I think playing sports helps you in all areas of your life,” Ms. Sughroue said. “There are lessons I learned from sports growing up that I still carry with me today as an adult. I learned how to work towards a long-term goal, and the importance of showing up to do the little things each day even when it’s not easy. You learn how to overcome obstacles, and to carry on even when you miss your goal. Playing sports can teach you leadership and social skills. Learning new skills, or achieving goals can help with confidence too.”
Although participating in sports has many benefits, this isn’t the only way sports can be beneficial. Watching sports can also provide positive effects.
“As a coach or an athlete, the more you watch your sport, the more you can learn about it, and the more little things you pick up on,” Ms. Sughroue said. “It can also be really inspirational to watch someone achieve something amazing. If you’re not an athlete or a coach, watching sports is still great entertainment and something you can bond with others over.”
However, the negatives can come with positives. Watching sports does have the possibility of disadvantages.
“Sometimes when you watch other people do it you think you can do it just like them,” freshman Brady Donahue said. “You try to be somebody you’re not.”
Even though sports have a few disadvantages, they are far outweighed by the positives. As well as providing good physical activity, sports can teach good habits that last a lifetime.
“Growing up, I did all kinds of sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, and cross country,” Ms. Sughroue said. “My favorite sport by far to participate in is running or racing of any kind. I have been running and racing since I was nine and still do it today.”