I’ll Be There For You

Today’s Kids Continue to Love This 90’s TV Show


Avery Kallman

This logo, created by Deborah Nayee, was created for the show “Friends”.

While new sitcoms continue to be released, “Friends”, a show that first aired 27 years ago, continues to bring joy, giggles, and good cries to younger generations. When hearing someone speak about the show “Friends”, you may think, what makes this show any different from the plenty of other sitcoms that are produced each year? This show proves its worthiness with its timeless themes, comedic geniusness and heartwarming moments that guarantee this show will last forever.
As the show progresses through the seasons, the characters age from their early 20’s and expand over a 10 year period. Each character seeks happiness, success and the true meaning of being a friend. Life seems to throw challenges at each character; some positive and some negative. From multiple failed marriages to LGBTQ+ parents, dating your parents best friend to dating your own best friend in secret, to starring on a big soap opera to being promoted to large roles at your job; each character goes through the ups and downs of life.
The comedic aspects of this show stay prevalent by the catchphrases that are still used today. You may have heard people say things like “Smelly Cat”, “How you doin'”, “We were on a break” and “OH … MY… GOD… ” in their daily lives and not understand why. Each saying a small part of the series, but a memorable moment. From a song written by the one and only Phoebe Buffet(Lisa Kudrow) to the famous pickup line from Joey Tribbioni(Matt LeBlanc), to the on and off relationship between Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston) and Ross Geller(David Schwimmer), to the famous line from an ex-girlfriend. Each miniscule line manages to keep this show widespread in today’s world.
“Friends” continues to be available to today’s kids through the internet. The availability of the show ranging from TV to HBO Max and anywhere you would want to purchase it. The sheer range of options to watch this show indicates that even 27 years later, the current generation is still in love with this show.
Whether you grew up watching it in primetime on the tv in your living room or streaming it on your phone in English class, this timeless sitcom will provide a great source of entertainment. I strongly recommend this show for the flawless performances and the ability to make just about everyone laugh. These themes and ideas, which are still relevant in the world today, show teenagers that life is not so perfect; but if you have the right people and a large cup of coffee, life will work itself out.