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Procrastination at Home

Grace Coufal

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Social media plays a big part in procrastinating. It is an easy distraction and it messes with time management.

Since March 23, students have been completing their homework online until the end of the school year. There are three days left of school and it has become a struggle for some students to complete their work because of procrastination. Some students, like sophomore Bella Lindberg, have a hard time focusing on homework because of the distractions around her.
“It is harder for me to complete my homework at home because of distraction,” Lindberg said. “I get so bored with the homework that it is easier for me to get distracted and put off the homework for a couple of days.”
Some students find it hard to settle down and just do the homework assigned on Monday but not due until Friday. According to Calendar, a productivity center, 20 percent of students are chronic procrastinators and are grouped into five sections. Calendar. The perfectionist who feels that everything needs to be perfect. The imposter who feels that they are not qualified or worthy to do the work. The dread-filled person who cannot find any motivation. The overwhelmed do not know where to start. And finally, the lucky one who thinks they do their best work at the last minute.
“I would win a medal in procrastination,” Lindberg said. “My procrastination type is the lucky one because I put off projects until the last minute. When I put things off until the last minute I get really stressed and overwhelmed.”
Since quarantine began, some students found boredom came faster at home than it would at school. In their minds school was a place to be productive and get homework done, and home was a place to unwind and relax.
“I would say I have been procrastinating more over quarantine than I would normally,” sophomore Mason Heckenlivey said. “Since we are given a longer time period to do homework I try to do some of the work right away, and the other half I usually wait until the last minute.”
For those who are not chronic procrastinators, it is easy to prevent procrastination. Calendar says that one way to beat procrastination is to become aware that it is happening. In order for someone to fix a problem, they have to see the problem. Another way to fight procrastination is to trick the brain into being productive is to have a different attitude. This will take time, but it can train the brain into doing something.