Whipping Taste Buds

Learn to Make Dalgona Coffee

The end result of the whipped coffee. On accident I put too much milk in it, but it still tasted good. After the whipped coffee is in the glass, I mixed it in with the milk to make a thick consistency.

A fluffy light brown coffee cream has gone viral over Tik Tok since March. This coffee cream named “Dalgona” was first seen on TV in early January when Korean actor, Jung ll-woo ordered whipped coffee on a TV show named “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”. Then it was posted as a recipe on Tik Tok with four simple ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, boiling water, and milk to mix it in with.
This trend makes it easy for people staying at home to make their own in the comfort of their own home. According to Kitchn, nearly 50,000 people have made whipped coffee that used the hashtag #dalgonacoffee on Instagram. After seeing everyone try it on Tik Tok, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.
Making the whipped coffee was easy, it took about five minutes. Once you combine the sugar, instant coffee, and boiling water in a bowl, I suggest using a handheld mixer because it is easier and faster than doing it by hand. I am the type of person that drowns my coffee with creamer so I was hoping the whipped coffee was not going to be strong. When mixing the indigents, it smelled of strong coffee beans, so I was skeptical. I was not sure I would like it. After mixing for about five minutes the coffee was whipped and ready to be put on a drink.

Grace Coufal
The beginning stages of the whipped coffee. Since instant coffee is just coffee beans, it smells like coffee beans in the beginning. Instead of boiling my water on the stovetop, I put my water into the microwave for about three minutes.

Once the whipped coffee was done, I chose a 16-ounce glass, so I would have enough room for the coffee. Then I poured my milk to about three-fourths full. Some people put ice in their milk for this trend, but I did not want the ice so I decided to try with plain milk first. Then I filled the rest of the glass with whipped coffee. A key step to make the whipped coffee was to stir it in with the milk before I drank it.
After mixing in the whipped coffee, the consistency of the drink was really thick with a light brown color. I put my straw in and braced myself for the first sip. During this quarantine, I have tried to make different kinds of coffee. I failed at all of them, so I thought the whipped coffee was going to fail. The first sip surprised me because it tasted sweet. I was so happy that one of my coffee-making attempts worked. After my family tried my creations, they said it tasted like something that was in a coffee shop. I was very pleased with the taste. Since then I have made whipped coffee about five more times.
Whipped coffee is the best homemade coffee I have ever had, and it was the first one to turn out successful. I recommend this to all who like coffee because it was very easy to make in about five minutes.