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Nationwide Students Opinions On COVID-19

Quang Nguyen (20), Snohomish Washington

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected many people across the country. How a person is affected depends on where they live. Those that live in an area that has been hit badly have different viewpoints on how the situation is being handled than those who have not been as affected. 

How do you think the media has influenced the public, positively or negatively?

“Definitely negatively. I think it has made people live in fear and will change how society reacts with one another in the future. Rather than focusing on the positive things in the media, all you hear about is the Coronavirus and death.” – Morgan Kern (20), Olathe Kansas

How do you think the government has done with the whole issue? Do you think they have done a good or bad job?

“I think that they’re doing what they can to help us. They have innovative ideas, but there is too much fighting between the parties to actually cooperate and become a team.” Netanya Wright (20), Dallas Texas

What are you the most excited for when quarantine ends?

“Probably just being able to go outside and do what I want. I never realized how much I took going outside for granted. Also seeing my friends.” Quang Nguyen (20), Snohomish Washington

What difference have you seen in your community since COVID hit?

“More people talk to me, Everyone is open and wants to do things. People are starting to see that it’s not just them that’s affected by a problem, it’s everyone, it’s their neighbors to the left and right of them and they’re starting to understand that if they’re struggling and the person next to them is why don’t you help each other out. I’ve also started to notice that people are getting bored with technology now that that’s all they can do they are wanting to go outside more they’re wanting to be more interactive but they can’t ” George Gripp (20), Everett Washington

What are your feelings about how your senior year has turned out?

“I guess they’re kinda sad about how this all happened since all of this kinda came out of nowhere. We just kind of had our last day one day, a lot of things are canceled, and I feel like I could’ve done more in my high school years. I’m not resentful about it though I still appreciate everything that’s happened and still think that I’ve had a great year, just thought it could’ve had a strong finish.” Justin Yapjoco (20), Snohomish Washington

Do you think we could have done a better job of preventing the virus?

“Yes, I believe we could have been much more prepared to fight this virus. There are certain issues where the money is less important and where it can be used in a sense to protect our country instead. I think there should’ve been more funds available to gathering more supplies and medical equipment to be available to the sick. I’m not sure where the money could have come from, maybe some cuts in funding for certain issues but I think ensuring the health and welfare of the citizens of the United States of America is a prominent part of our freedom to live here and we should have that opportunity no matter the cost.” Molley Spencer (20), Rochester Hills Michigan

What has been your favorite part about quarantine?

“During this quarantine, I got a lot of time to fix my sleeping schedule and catch up on the sleep I haven’t gotten because of school.” Kaylee Vann (20), Bothell Washington

What do you think will be the effects of the pandemic? 

“Well I live in Rhode Island and we are on a statewide lockdown until May 8th at this point. Which I’m guessing will probably end up being extended at least one more time. But I don’t think we can last like this much longer for a number of reasons. Part of me thinks this is the new normal (meaning gloves and face masks and the whole 6 feet apart thing) but eventually we’re just going to have to get on back out there and carry on living. We’ve already seen an economic impact. For example, I work at Barnes and Noble and the store is closed right now but a few of us are still working doing curbside pickups. Obviously that doesn’t bring in the usual sales we would have had even earlier this year. Companies are losing money and closing. We’ve all seen that. But there are other things to think about like the relief money the government is sending almost everybody and the changes to unemployment. We’ll be seeing a lot of that in an increase in taxes in the coming years I’m sure. More depressing thoughts, but I’ve already seen an increase in prices for groceries and things like that, so things are going to get even crazier because everything is going up but a lot of people have even less money because they are out of work or at least had hours cut. Honestly, the biggest impacts for the future I think will be in the economy and our general livelihoods. Not to take away from the lives that have been lost from corona, but I think the actual virus isn’t the biggest kicker. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started coming around like the flu season every year and it just becomes the new normal. All that to say that no one has any clue what’s going to happen really. It’s a complete day by day thing.” Casey Handlos (19), Rhode Island