Project-Based Classes

Students, Instructors Adapt to Challenges of e-Learning


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Senior Keegan Towey (20) draws one of this weeks prompts in his art class. Towey continues to adapt to this new way of learning.

As the coronavirus results in schools being shut down, students are finding their own kind of normalcy through online learning. Instructors are developing project-based e-learning assignments to keep students involved in classes, including art, choir, and physical education.
Students involved in the choir department are adapting to the new type of learning that comes with being quarantined. Choir classes offer project-based opportunities to continue learning outside of the choir room.
“This week’s assignment we had to take a video of us singing a certain part vocally to assess ourselves, and it was pretty cool to do it based on my choral abilities,” senior Sofie Gunn said. “It’s a lot different from my other classes because I get to base what I do on my strengths and it gives me a little more freedom.”
Art and physical education classes are adapting to these changes as well. Art students are given weekly assignments to give them their opportunity to construct something based on their skill. Despite being out of the art room, students continue to grow on their own.
“We have been doing smaller drawing prompts,” senior Keegan Towey said. “We have a list of drawing prompts and we have to complete two a week, and we interpret the word we are given however we want.”

Project-based classes offer students an opportunity to be creative and put their own spin on their assignments. Physical education classes set up workouts for students, and encourage students to workout based on their abilities.
“The biggest difference is we never used our technology for my strength training class,” senior Nicole Everhart said. “My gym class was hands-on. Now at home, I find my own workouts and I get to do it on my own time.”
Mr. Brandon Shostak, one of the choir instructors, works hard to ensure students involved in the choir department are continuing to learn and grow individually despite the challenges.
“We design a digital plan around the students,” Mr. Shostak said. “Assignments are based on all the elements including warmups and rehearsal techniques of each student.”
Classrooms continue to adapt to the new changes due to COVID-19. Project-based classes set up the opportunity for students to continue their academics while having the freedom to express themselves as individuals.