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Owning the Stage

Gretna Show Groups Start Off the ’23-24 Season
Hannah Boldt
Revolution learns choreography at a recent session. Even though the season does not start until January, the group began training before the school year started.

The GHS show choir program is starting up their new season with a lot of hard work. Both the JV team, Evolution, and the varsity team, Revolution, began their season with a group bonding at Mahoney State Park. Planned activities were set up
for both groups to socialize and get to know each other.

“My favorite part of show choir bonding is meeting the new faces and getting to see all the old faces that I haven’t seen all summer,” senior Julia Lewis said. “I love creating connections and friendships that grow all season.”

With bonding at Mahoney all said and done, the Gretna show choirs have moved on to their choreography sessions. Choreography is a time for students to learn and clean their dances. Normally, these sessions can range from two to ten hours of focused learning and cleaning.

“Matt Watson is our choreographer this year,” said Dakota Mathew, the JV coach. “He is one of the best that I know and is wildly creative. He takes time to push the envelope and create new, exciting choreography for his groups that compete at a high level.”

This year’s theme for Evolution is a creative, witty and unique concept: chess. The group has not received their choreography yet, so they are focusing on perfecting their vocals. Mr. Mathew sees the theme and vocals as a great opportunity for all the singers and dancers to grow as musicians and improve their skills in show choir.

“The best thing about our theme this year is the addition of props,” freshman Sophie Oppliger said. “This year, we have five-foot tall chess pieces which will definitely enhance our show. The combination of that with our black and white costumes and our checkered costumes will really bring the chess theme to life.”

The other half of the community, or the varsity group, is called Revolution. This year’s theme for this group is “One Last Dance.” The third year show choir director, Mrs. Katelyn Wallace, is sending her group into choreography with grit and determination. Choreographed by Mr. Steven Todd, this year’s show is off to a great start.

“The theme is called ‘One Last Dance’ and tells the story of a songwriter reliving his life and his love through music,” Wallace said. “Our choreographer is Stephen Todd, and the best thing about his style is that he is great at choreographing so many different styles of music. He is a catch-all for show choir and we are lucky to have him on our team.”

Though the season is young, both Gretna show choir groups are putting in time and effort to make their shows the best they can be. Revolution consists of sophomores through seniors, and all ages compete and work their hardest to improve.

“Something our group will be successful at is our dancing,” junior Davon Draeger said. “The people in the show choir are incredible dancers. Choreo days are hard, but it feels like every year we pick it up faster.”

A huge part of show choir is nailing all elements including dancing, singing and acting. Both Gretna show choir groups this year will spend countless hours perfecting and performing their shows.

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Mia Yungtum, Reporter
Mia Yungtum is a junior at Gretna High School and it is her second year in the journalism program. She serves as photographer and writer. She is involved in journalism because she likes to write and it is fun to be able to write about things going on in school. Her favorite things to write about are the arts and sports news. Outside of school she participates in golf, tennis, show choir and many others activities.

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