Adaption of “Daisy Jones” Faithful, Refreshing


Graphic by Jasmyn Eden

“Daisy Jones and the Six” is a popular novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It is written as a documentary with flashbacks about a band that rose to fame in the ‘60s, and it follows the challenges of the group and what they had to overcome as they grew in popularity. When news of the adaptation came out, the fans were thrilled and soon started to express their excitement on social media.
The first episode of the show was fantastic, and it was refreshing that the writers added
many details to the show that were not in the book. The show starts with the members of the band, who are all older now, and they explain how they rose to fame. It also leads into how the band was one of the biggest in the world at their peak and continues to show what the band members were like before the fame.
It was also refreshing that the book is very similar to the show. It is enjoyable that the viewer gets to see the background of Daisy Jones’ childhood and how her childhood affected her in her early years. The viewer also gets to see how Jones expressed her love for music and why making music was important. The episode also explores how the band first came together and how they added more people. The original band was called the Dunn Brothers, then when they added more people they changed the name to the six. There is a section of the episode that focuses on how some of the members start getting addicted to substances.
The show focuses on the relationship of the band members. Camilla Alvarez is the main singer’s girlfriend, and she supports him and eventually is the band’s photographer. The directors did change how Alvarez and Dunne meet. It was refreshing because from the beginning it is obvious that Dunne has feelings for Alvarez, and throughout the episode he has to balance fame and love. As Alvarez’s and Dunne’s relationship evolves and how it gets more complicated as Dunns fame grows. Along with the relationships in the episode, the viewer also gets to see the start of Billy Dunne’s and Jones’ addictions. The person watching the episode can see how alcohol and drugs become more frequent as the episode goes along.
This series is dramatic and emotional and the viewer can see the passion between the characters which makes this episode so great. I liked how they adapted the book and I liked how the directors changed a few things. The episode is overall a very good start to the series.