Spitser to Lead GEHS Boys Golf


Coach Tyler Spitser and his family.

Eighty miles south of Gretna, Coach Tyler Spitser grew up in the small town of Pawnee City, where his love for all sports sparked. Wanting to pursue this passion for sports, Coach Spitser made the decision to major in exercise science and physical activity at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. With this degree, Spitser would later becaome a teacher in high school and middle school weight training at numerous schools.
“So far, I’ve coached football at Arlington, basketball at various schools, and I am currently the head track coach at Arlington High School,” Spitser said. “This next year will be my first-ever year coaching golf.”
Spitser will coach the Gretna East High School boys golf team when the school opens.
Despite this being Coach Spitser’s first time leading a boys golf team, the sport is everything but new to him. He grew up involved in the game in his small town, playing it every summer, all summer. With this position, Spitser plans to use the opportunity as a way to stay to be involved in the game and pass on the knowledge he has down to the younger athletes.
“I really enjoy golfing; growing up we golfed all the time,” he said. “But I know that it will be a learning curve and something new to work around.”
Being a parent of one, Coach Spitser focuses all of his attention outside of coaching on his son, Drayke, who is in eighth grade. He and his wife, Becki, who is a guidance counselor at Aspen Creek Middle School, spend their down time chasing around Drayke around to practically every event there is.
“He does everything under the book it feels like,” Coach Spitser said. “We run from gym to gym, field to field, course to course, or wherever he needs to be.”
Being able to start the culture from scratch is one of thing Coach Spitser said is exciting. He plans on taking this privilege and running with it alongside the rest of his coaching staff.
“I’m just thrilled to come down to Gretna and get to know people,” Coach Spitser said. “I’ve known the district a little bit with Becki working down there just from everything I’ve heard through my wife and numerous coaches. It gets me excited to become a part of the Gretna family.”