The Best Romance Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day


Graphic by Onnika Moore

“Set it Up”
Released in 2018, starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, “Set It Up” is the best modern rom-com, and that is not an overstatement. Deutch and Powell play overworked assistants to NYC bigshots. They set their bosses up in hopes of getting a lighter workload. But, of course, they work through their differences to help each other and realize their feelings for each other along the way. It fits almost every romance trope out there and has some of the most romantic movie scenes ever. Everyone I have recommended this movie to has thanked me for it, and it is definitely worth a watch.

“The Big Sick”
It is hard to believe that a rom-com this amazing is based on a true story. But “The Big Sick,” made me believe that fairytale endings are not all fictional. Kumail Nanjiani writes and stars in this hilarious and heartbreaking story of how he met his wife Emily. It combines comedy, overbearing parents and a life-threatening illness to make you laugh and cry the whole way through.

“When Harry Met Sally”
When Harry Met Sally is one of the most classic rom-coms ever, and I believe you can not call yourself a true rom-com fan without seeing it. The story spans 12 years, following Harry and Sally in New York City as they realize their perfect partner has been there all along. Despite the story sounding so long, the movie is perfectly paced with the right amount of sad, cute and emotional scenes.

“Can’t Buy Me Love”
“Can’t Buy Me Love” is a staple of 80s movies. A young Patrick Dempsey plays a nerd tired of being an outcast that trades $1,000 to the most popular girl at his school for her to pretend to date him for a month. If you like to root for the underdog and enjoy heartwarming stories, this is the perfect movie for you. Complete with astronomy, cheerleading and plenty of 80s style, “Can’t Buy Me Love” is a well-rounded teenage rom-com.

“Palm Springs”
“Palm Springs” takes a romantic spin on the time-loop trope. Starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as wedding guests who get trapped in the same day forever, the two face the problems that come with that, while also learning how to celebrate life. It is a feel-good movie while also questioning life’s meaning. “Palm Springs” contemplates existence in a fun way and carries the message that life is meaningful when you love others. The main characters learn that along the way too.

“About Time”
Another extremely heartwarming rom-com is “About Time.” Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, a young man in London who can time travel. When Tim falls for Mary, played by Rachel McAdams, he learns that life should not be taken for granted. It is hard to make time travel not cheesy, but this movie did it perfectly. It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, and it has a serene feeling about it. The meet-cute makes this movie worth a watch itself too. Every aspect is simply adorable.

“Notting Hill”
Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts star in this beautiful, unconventional love story, which I would also add to the list of rom-com lover qualifications. Grant plays a compassionate bookstore owner who meets Julia Roberts’ character, Anna, an American movie star. There are many challenges when a global icon falls for a man who lives with a zany roommate in a Notting Hill flat, but that is the fun of it. Seeing the two come together to try to match their completely different lifestyles shows that true love conquers all and sometimes you have to fight for the person you know is right for you.

“In The Mood For Love”
If you are in the mood to cry, “In The Mood For Love” is perfect for you. Set in Hong Kong in 1962, this movie is so beautiful. On top of the gorgeous costumes, outstanding cinematography and deep characters, it is a heartbreaking romance. The story centers around two lonely neighbors, trapped in loveless marriages, who realize their partners are cheating on them. The neighbors start to fall for one another, but they struggle with their feelings so as to not give in to infidelity as their own spouses had. It is a tension-filled masterpiece. But fair warning, this movie is entirely in Mandarin, so you will need to read it. However, the subtitles could not take away the intense emotions of this movie.