Fans (and this Reviewer) Love Swift’s “Mastermind”


Taylor Swift is a “Mastermind” when it comes to writing and singing songs. Fans went crazy over the release of her latest album, “Midnights.” Swift’s songs tell of many different emotions that vary from heartbreak to revenge.
Swift released the album at midnight on Oct. 21. Although all the songs on her new album are brilliant, the fan favorites are “Lavender Haze”, “Anti-Hero”, “Midnight Rain” and “Bejeweled.” The album was a huge success with the fans.
The first track on the album is “Lavender Haze” which is an upbeat song with a chorus of “I just wanna stay in that lavender haze.” In the song, Swift harmonizes with herself. The second track, and my personal favorite on the album, is “Maroon.” Her lyrics were incredible. Instead of saying the girl blushed, Swift wrote “How the blood rushed into my cheeks, so scarlet it was maroon.”
The third track on the album is “Anti-Hero.” When fans listen to the lyrics it actually points out how an insecure person may feel as it states,“It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.” I connected to this song because sometimes I feel like I make everyone mad. Track four, which is “Snow On The Beach,” is the only duet on the album that features Lana Del Ray. This song is very enjoyable. The only complaint that I have is that when listening to the song, I can not really hear Lana Del Ray. Other than that, it was a well written song with the background vocals and calming effect.
“You’re On Your Own, Kid” is a very deep song and makes most fans get into their feelings. It has a deep meaning about someone changing for another who they love. The song “Midnight Rain” is an extraordinary song and one of my all time favorites, with the lyrics written magnificently. My favorite lyric of the song is the chorus saying, “he was sunshine I was midnight rain.” Although I do enjoy many songs on “Midnights” I did not enjoy the song “Question…?”. It was good, but I did not connect with it lyrically. The song that was the most powerful was “Vigilante S***” because it is overall a very catchy song and often stuck in my head.
“Bejeweled” is a fan favorite and is deserving of all the hype. The song screams confidence. “Labyrinth” is another brilliant song that includes the lyrics “Oh no I’m falling in love again.” The message in the song is about someone who is scared to fall in love after a previous relationship. The song “Sweet Nothing” is a classic and I loved that Swift switched it up and had piano play in the background. Finally, the last track of the album is “Mastermind,” which is an unforgettable song. It starts off slow, but then as Swift sings the chorus, it speeds up and gets louder.
Overall, this album was enjoyable, and Swift did an incredible job. Out of the 13 albums that she has released,“Midnights” is one of the most memorable ones. When I listen to the songs on the album I feel as if all my problems disappear.