Journalism Students Distribute 2022 Yearbooks This Week


The 2022 Dragon is 248 pages.

The GHS 2021-2022 yearbooks have arrived and will be distributed out to students on Tuesday, Aug. 16. They will be available for pick up on the stage during all lunches. Tables will be set up according to last name, with A-L at one and L-Z at another. Additionally, parents will be able to pick up their students’ yearbooks at the open house on Tuesday night. 

“We will be doing all of the preparation to distribute on Monday the 15th,” said junior Karleigh North, editor in chief of this year’s book. “We will then start distribution on Tuesday during all lunch hours.” 

The process may take between two to three days, depending on how many books still need to be picked up. Graduated seniors are also able to come to the school to get their yearbooks or they can have a relative pick it up for them. The yearbook staff spends the entirety of the school year creating a yearbook for the students of GHS. Distribution is only a small part of the work that goes into making it all happen.

“It takes organization, communication through the staff and a collaboration of ideas,” said Delaney Jepsen, GHS yearbook editor in chief from last year. “During the year, we tell the story, add photos and design.”

For information about the 2022-23 Dragon, check the yearbook tab at