Cinco De Mayo

Last Spanish Club Meeting of the Year

Smashing fun. This piñata was made and designed by Kierstin Gay (25) during the last Spanish club.

Únete al club de español el próximo año or join Spanish club next year. The club, like many, is a way to get together after school and learn more. The Spanish Club helps students learn more about Spanish culture and language.
“I love getting to spend time with the other Spanish students, not just students in my class but the other classes as well,” club sponsor Mrs. Amanda Nichols said. “I get to teach them new things about Spanish speaking countries.”
The last meeting of the school year was on Cinco de Mayo. This holiday is celebrated in Mexico and the US, it celebrates Mexico’s victory over France on May 5, 1862. For the celebration, they ate common Mexican snacks, chips and salsa or guacamole, and they made piñatas.
“I love making piñatas,” freshman Kierstin Gay said. “Even though I have never been here before, or done it before.”
The last meeting had more students in attendance than all of the previous club meetings. Mrs Nichols was ecstatic and didn’t have enough plates and chips to get for everyone who went.
“I have never been to a Spanish club before because I didn’t know it existed,” sophomore Josh Bennett said. “But this is a fun club.”
The week leading up to the last meeting, Mrs Nichols was telling all of her classes about the meeting and the salsa and guacamole and the opportunity for students to make tiny piñatas.
“The piñatas had turned out cute in the end,” Gay said. “It was my favorite school activity that I have been to in a while.”