Peer Pressure

Struggles of fitting in

NO! The hardest part of getting pressured is being able to say no. Students should prepare for these types of situations because even though it may just be a word when put on the spot it may be hard to just say no.

Peer pressure is something that students struggle with. Whether it’s because they want to fit in or just look cool, sometimes this can cause students to do something they do not want to do but do it anyway.
“We deal with a lot of people who do something they shouldn’t and when questioned on why they say it is due to their ‘friends’,” Principal Mr.Todd Mueller said.
Many students end up doing harmful things to their bodies from being peer pressured to do something that they should not do. This has been happening especially in Gretna and people have seen it first hand or have been in that situation. These types of situations can differ. Not only can it harm your body but it can have an effect on people’s mental well-being.
“Psychologically it may be that if you make someone else do what you are doing, it makes it seem more ‘OK’ for you to do it,” Mr.Mueller said. “ Also, there is the feeling of being able to control or influence someone other than yourself which gives you a feeling of power.”
Some people may feel pressured to look cool or sound cool. Sometimes certain people or grades are more likely to get pressured to do certain things than others.
“I feel like a lot of kids nowadays get peer pressured for sure. Mostly in our school is vaping or other bad choices,” junior Brianna Miner said. “Freshmen or sophomore is the range I’d say most get peer pressed.”
Peer pressure can also involve pressure to wear name-brand clothes or owning expensive electronics.
“I think people get peer pressured as a way of keeping the social hierarchy of the high school,” Miner said. “That or we just do it because kids are not smart and don’t really know any better. When I was in a relationship with a guy I did some things because I was pressured to do so and I’m not proud of it.”