Tag You’re It

Students come up with unique ways to stay motivated and deal with stress

On the Run! Sabrina Andrews (25) runs down the hallway to escape being tagged. She was forced to take a different route to class to avoid being tagged.

As the school year comes to an end, students are exhausted and bored with school. Students tend to lose motivation when it comes to completing their school work. One group of students came up with an idea to stay motivated as the year finishes out. Some people such as freshman Hayden Turners’ group have come up with a unique game.
“We play tag throughout the day because it’s fun and keeps us wanting to come to school,” Turner said. “It’s essentially just like a regular tag instead you take a photo of them to tag them instead of actually chasing and tagging them.”
Not only does the group find this game to be fun and entertaining, but they also find that it motivates them to want to come to school. With the stress that comes with the end of the school year it can be difficult to stay on top of things.
“I know a number of students get overwhelmed, especially with all of the tests at this time of year,” GHS psychiatrist Ms. Stephanie Hengen said. “There is a lot to get done so it adds stress, creating good studying habits and using time wisely can help with stress and benefit students.”
While some students deal with stress by relaxing or listening to music, others start up a game of tag. They even put their own touch on the game to make it a little more interesting.
“The game starts at 8 each school day and ends at 3:21 when the bell rings,” freshman Carley Feldhacker said. “When the game ends at 3:21 each day whoever is it at that time gets a tally, and at the end of year or just whenever we stop playing whoever has the most tallies will have to buy everyone else something.”
Some may say that this game is distracting and not meant to be played in school, but Turner thinks otherwise.
“I wouldn’t really say it really disrupts class because you just take the photo and leave,” Turner said. “Most of the time it’s played during passing period and we are always to class on time so I don’t really think it disrupts things.”
There are a number of ways that students can help with managing their stress and becoming burnt out and exhausted towards the end of the year. Tag works well for Turner and her friends, and others may find that it works well for them as well.