Show Choir Family

Sing to the Beat, Dance to the Rhythm

Posing for the show. The ending of the song “Coffee Break” as the show choir poses for the audience. Photo by Marin Eby

Enormous smiles, warm faces, entertaining choreography, believe it or not this feeling comes from attending our very own school choir concert. Freshman Alyssa Belitz is one of the freshman members of Evolution, one of the show choirs at GHS. She has spent her first year of high school performing with this group.
“Being a part of a team that feels like a family is my favorite part of the show choir,” Belitz said. “I feel like the upperclassmen are really welcoming and want to teach and become friends with you.”
Belitz sits on the girls side of the choir platform, and always has a bright smile on her face. She has been in show choir since middle school and was excited when she found out that he had got into the show choir after her audition.
Many people don’t understand how much it takes physically to do a show choir. Getting all of the dance moves perfected, having to sing on key while still dancing to the tempo. There is so much work that goes into these concerts for competitions.
“Show choir is a lot of work,” Belitz said. “It’s a lot of practice and a lot of physical work. You need to stretch and prepare your voice to use while you’re physically out of breath.”
The show choir director will not make anyone feel left out or put down because they are younger than most of the group.
“We are Revolution, we are Gretna, we are a community,” choir director Pat Ribar said. “If there was some harm, I would be like ‘hey leave them alone,’ because we are all humans.”