Starting Out Strong

Freshman Earns Spot on Varsity Squad


connor bulgrin

Shooting Away Releasing the shot, Allison Marshall (24) watches her follow-through as her shot goes through the hoop. Marshall plays varsity as a freshman.

For many, playing varsity as a freshman in high school is just a dream, but not for freshman Allison Marshall. Earning her spot on varsity happened naturally for Marshall. Her work ethic, teamwork and athletic ability placed her high in the rankings from the beginning. Marshall will take over the spot of a point guard from 2020 graduate Hanna Spearman, she was under some pressure.
“I think it’s exciting to have earned a spot on the varsity team. I’m looking forward to working with the upperclassmen and learning from them,” Marshall said. “I also feel some sort of pressure because I know that I have to meet certain expectations in order to compete and succeed at that level.”
As many would shy away from a challenge, Marshall faced it head-on. Not alone in the battle, she has her older sister junior Jenna Marshall to look to for help. J. Marshall, who has had a varsity jersey since freshman year, was the perfect leader for Allison.
“Being able to play with Allison is pretty cool because I watched her improve since we were little,” J. Marshall said. “We’ve always played basketball together like on the driveway or at the park so actually being on the same team is fun.”
The role of a point guard is a big spot to fill, but head coach Mr. Jerome Skrdla has complete trust in his pick. Coach Skrdla, who was inducted into the Nebraska Coaches Hall of Fame last summer, spotted her athletic ability, her outstanding defense and her team spirit right away.
“Allison is a very athletic player and very strong for just being a freshman,” Coach Skrdla said. “She is an aggressive player that handles the ball well, attacks the basket, and can push the ball up the court. Allison is also one of our best defensive players; especially on the ball.”
Starting the season off strong, A. Marshall makes the lineup as the starting point guard. With full support from her teammates, coaches and fans, she continues to improve. Her lack of experience playing at such a high level never showed and she pushed her teammates to be better.