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Peach Pit Release Album, “You and Your Friends”


Connor Beck

Live concerts are one of the many things canceled at this time in our lives, however, some alternative options still exist. Peach Pit released a live performance of a concert to multiple online outlets. This set appears free on YouTube.

Peach Pit released their second full album, “You and Your Friends”, on April 3.  It has the indie-pop flair Peach Pit is known for and does not fail to impress and entertain during this unprecedented time.

“I love this album, the social isolation is tough but luckily with great indie albums being released just before and during the pandemic it makes it a lot more bearable, plus a lot of these songs are very moody and emotional so in a weird way it helps with our current situation,” Avid music lover, Doug Barnes said. “It’s like if you were broken up with, you’d eat ice cream and listen to really sad songs to help get over it, I can’t remember who said it but feeling is healing, and this album will definitely make you feel.”

Peach Pit usually focuses on different aspects of relationships and this album is no different. Even though the band usually tackles the same topics and themes for each song, they do a great way of telling a whole new story each time.

“As far as I get the album is mostly about different relationship stages, some songs being about the excitement of a new relationship, and some about the sadness of those relationships ending,” Barnes said. “One song is called ‘Puppy Grin’ and it’s about a past love interest coming back begging for attention trying to get back together, and he uses a lot of metaphors about dogs to help bring the story to life, like the line, ‘back and biting’”

Peach Pit seems to do a great job of making very emotional music that can reach a large age range. Even though their music is about young relationships, it comes as relatable to children and reminiscent for adults.

“My favorite song is ‘Camilla, I’m at Home’ because it is so relatable, It’s about a boy who hasn’t left his room in days waiting for a girl to respond to him, so it’s very teenager-esque, but very relatable and good because of it.” Senior, Kaille Burkhardt said. “I thought some of the songs were a little slow at times especially, ‘Your Teeth’, but for a mellow indie album I really liked it overall”

The album surely gives many different perspectives on relationships, and so there are many songs to fall in love with. At least one song on the album is sure to strike a chord with a forgotten memory about first love, or a first heartbreak.