“Jonas Brothers Concert Documentary”

Leaves You Wanting To Be Fourth Brother!


Avery Swanson

The Jonas Brothers on their USA leg of Happiness Begins Tour. The Documentary focuses on this tour and the production behind it.

I just recently watched the live concert release on Amazon Prime, “Jonas Brothers the Concert Documentary.” The Jonas Brothers performed their greatest hits and newest album at all of the venues from their 2019 concert tour. In addition to the songs, viewers will also have access to interviews in between each song.
This documentary takes place in 2019 but travels to multiple locations so they can provide a bit of each concert. The film features the band of brothers, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas
The plot is the making and showcasing of their concert and it shows each song played and the backstory to why the concert is what it is. They did a good job of providing an interview in between each song so it is not just a music video, but they could have done a better job of getting clips from each concert location they went to and not just the big cities.
I liked the organization of the documentary. Song, interview, a clip of family and repeat. Especially being in quarantine and spending all this time with our families, this documentary did a good job of showing a family fighting and losing the love between them but coming back together and how they are continuing their journey, not for money or fame, but to be happy again together. I think other people will learn that during this situation we can use the time with our families as a way to bond and not pick each other apart. It provides a real-life successful example about the bonding of a family which is very relevant for this time.
The best audience for this documentary is Jonas Brothers fans or just pop music fans in general, but it also works well for a family who doesn’t want to sit and watch a traditional movie but one who might want to have a little fun.
Overall it is a family-friendly documentary with an MPAA rating of G. I really was impressed with this film and I believe it is one that makes you want to get up and dance but also hug your family at the same time. This production was overall a very good performance and is a 9/10 in my book.